Would God Do Whatever It Takes?

Have you ever sat in deep thought about what God really, really wants from you? I thought about God this morning. (Novel idea…I know.)

In 2006, Barna listed quite a troubling and sad statistic: More than half of all adults (54%) believe that if a person is generally good, or does enough good things for others during their life, they will earn a place in Heaven. Should this stat light a fire under us to move out with the gospel?

What would it take to inspire us to come to the point where we say, “I’m ready to do whatever it takes to bring the lifesaving gospel to people”?

Since our daughter, Kristina, was diagnosed with cancer in August, 2010, God began to bring us to the point of being willing to do whatever it takes to share the lifesaving gospel to children and their families. It’s no wonder He had me join Child Evangelism Fellowship at the same time we learned of our daughter’s deathly disease. I’d do anything to save her life.

Then there’s our heavenly Father. He saw my deathly disease. And He was willing to do whatever it took to save me. He even went so far as to send His only Son to suffer and die due to this deathly disease. He died in my place. He took my “cancer” and put it on Himself.

He did whatever it took.

So there’s that statistic listed above. Most people believe God didn’t do enough for them. They believe Jesus’ payment for their deathly disease was insufficient. They think they must add to it, or completely ignore it in order to be saved from their disease of sin.

Who wants to tell God He didn’t do enough?


Anyone wanna take a stab at that?

“God, You tried. Good effort on Your part, but it just wasn’t good enough. Jesus didn’t really have to die, because I’m gonna put forth the effort that covers all my deathly sin. You’ll see.”

Truth is…God did do what it took, and it is sufficient.

Question is…should we come to the point where we are ready to do whatever it takes to share this lifesaving truth with those 54%? (Most likely more than that now.)

Ask yourself this question: If your daughter was diagnosed with cancer, wouldn’t you wanna save her life?

Question: If you knew of a simple method of sharing the gospel with anyone, anywhere, and at any time, would you be more likely to do it? Slap me some feedback below!


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(5) Comments

  • Angela Barrett
    09 Mar 2012

    ok…it’s just me…MOM…thanks for this post! thanks for following God’s leading in your life! How perfect is His timing…always!

    • J. Chad Barrett
      09 Mar 2012

      Thanks for your continued encouragement to me, Mom! I love you!!

  • Woody
    09 Mar 2012

    Here’s a simple way to share the gospel: What’s the difference between true, Biblical Christianity and every approach? It’s the difference of two letters. You spell every other religion D-O. Every other approach is works righteousness. It’s what I D-O to get to God. But you spell true, Biblical Christianity D-O-N-E. Christ has done it all. I cannot add to His finished work. I simply believe Him for eternal life.

    • J. Chad Barrett
      09 Mar 2012

      I love that! So simple. So powerful. It’s all finish on the cross!

  • james ayo
    20 Mar 2012

    yea, love your site.Thank you for all your service in Him.j.a.

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