Why I’m Going to Mount Everest

This is a pic of Kristina when she began losing her hair due to the chemo treatments. Our fears of her feeling depressedKristina E4H because she will be bald were quickly replaced with laughter because, well… you can see why in this pic!

This is how Kristina lived her life with cancer. 
Cancer didn’t define her; she defined cancer.
It was the catalyst to become something extraordinary,
Something above the common way of life.

This journey has taught (is teaching, I should say) our family to grasp life by the horns and hold on for a wild ride…
We’re learning that life should be an adventure, no matter how much it is threatened.
Life should be embraced, no matter what difficulties come.
And when we rise above our prideful efforts of self pleasure
and seek to put smiles on the faces of others who are on their rough journey,
life, for us, is lived even higher.

The journey is challenging, so we push ourselves more.
We are relentless in our trust in our God who is BIGGER than the giant mountain before us,
Replacing thoughts of “I can’t” to “I will,”
And even though it seems we have reached our limit,
we look to Jesus and climb anyway.

The alternative is too tiresome and weary to write about.

So this is why I’m trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest–
Expedition for Hope–
I’m climbing for Kristina.
I’m taking this challenge to do what she loved to do…
Put smiles on the faces of others who are in dire need of one.
Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation and Serve Now both are organizations that do just that.

What about you? Take the challenge with us!
September 6-24, 2015.

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