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My wife, Melissa, and I are praying for you!


Everyone has a story.

Two years ago, God gave us a story. And like most stories, it’s full of emotions ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other. And it’s loaded with battles for right thinking–a battle for the mind.

Like most stories, ours is a heart and head issue. Today, we strive to maintain right thinking so we can have right feelings. Oh, we’re not always successful. Sometimes we crash, but God’s grace is still there for those times. And that’s pretty much what this book is about. Learning to trust God when your child has cancer.

Or when your parents divorce. Or when you lose your job…again. When there are threats of war. When friends abandon you. When someone you love dies. Or when your spouse has been unfaithful.

Everyone has a story. So my wife and I are praying for you. We’re praying because we know you have a story, too. It might be different from ours, but it’s still a story. And it’s still a battle for right thinking and right feelings.

We’re praying that God will use this short ebook to encourage you to trust Him no matter what. Our story is still being written. Kristina, our daughter with cancer, is doing well these days, but she still has several cancerous tumors in her lungs. We don’t know what will happen in her future.

But we know who has her future.

Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales and voice of Larry the Cucumber, wrote this in the foreword: This book is a raw and honest reflection of their story over the past two years and a witness to the grace and goodness of our Heavenly Father.

We Ask Two Things

1. Would you order our ebook and read how God’s impressive grace continues to change lives?

2. Would you forward this post to your friends and family? Perhaps someone you know could benefit from reading how God deals with His children when they suffer.

Thank you for your help!

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Thank you, and may our God bless you as you seek Him daily!

J. Chad & Melissa Barrett


(5) Comments

  • John Bridges
    22 Dec 2012

    After his young daughter Kristina is diagnosed with a rare and hard to treat cancer, Chad Barrett learns being an earthly dad can be limiting. He can’t always protect and shield her. But his family’s strong faith leads them through Kristina’s cancer journey in “When She Sings, God Dances.” When Kristina says, ““I try not to think about the things I can’t do and think about the things I can,” how can you not be encouraged?

  • Stephanie 'Brennan' Weiblen
    23 Dec 2012

    Although I shed several tears, reading this book was such a blessing and encouragement. They allow you as best they can to see a true and honest glimpse into their hearts during this sometimes very painful, scary, and unknown journey. However, they do this so you can also sense the incomparable joy, peace, and strength the Lord gives when you willingly lay down the pain and fear and choose to follow Him and accept His perfect grace– a grace that isn’t just sufficient to “get by”, but one that makes you stronger than you were before.

  • Simon L Smith
    25 Dec 2012

    Have you ever wondered how someone can truly “count it all joy” while in the middle of pain and trials?

    I have.

    Chad’s book will remind you that no matter how big your struggle, God is indeed bigger.

    And Chad’s story will show you what’s its like to “count it all joy,” even in the middle of trials.

    Much like Kristina herself, this little book shows that great big good things come in small packages.

    Her struggles (cancer) have be big, but her faith – and her God – are so much bigger!

  • Joseph Lalonde
    02 Jan 2013

    Chad and his wife Melissa heard some very tough words while at the doctor’s office one day. Their daughter had cancer.

    These are words no one ever wants to hear. Especially when it concerns your child.

    In When She Sings, God Dances, Chad and Melissa share their story of dealing with their daughter’s cancer. From the day they received the diagnosis to their current situation, they share their struggles and their peace.

    Reading this is sure to inspire you regardless of your situation. If Chad and Melissa can stand strong during their daughter’s battle with cancer, you can stand strong too. Use their story to encourage yours!

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