What Should the World Hear from Christians?

Have you ever noticed that we, Christians, are quick to let the world know what we stand against? Of course, we should express our hatred against horrible acts, like abortion, rape, murder, etc. But have you also noticed that we tend to be slow to let the world know what we stand for?

We tend to boycott businesses and avoid certain companies that support certain causes that are against Scripture. And some boycotting has nothing to do with what Scripture says. We tend to expect (and push for) the world to adopt biblical morals. Perhaps something should come first?

The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 2:2 that he was “determined not to know anything among [the Corinthians] except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” He stated that he did not come to them with worldly wisdom but with the powerful wisdom of God: the gospel. And it was this gospel by which they were saved (1. Cor. 15:1-5).

Paul was talking about eloquent speech, but worldly wisdom also says, “I am right, and I will make you agree with me.” The power in this wisdom is as finite as the one who expresses it. Godly wisdom says to the world, “Someone loves you enough to sacrifice His own life so you can be free from the bondage of sin. Believe in Him and have His life–everlasting life!” This wisdom is as powerful as the One who uses it.

When Paul traveled on his missionary journeys, he did not preach against their bad behavior. He preached the gospel. It was as if he expected them to have bad morals, because the world is the free roaming range of Satan. Similarly, Christ came to preach the gospel to the lost.

The times when Paul or Christ spoke against bad behavior, it was toward those who were spiritual (either the Christians in Corinth, for example, or the Pharisees to whom Christ called “white-washed tombs”). But to the world, they preached the powerful gospel.

This makes me think. What should the world hear from me? Should I spend my efforts trying to make non-Christians act Christlike, or should I be doing something else? Does the world hear more negative statements from the Church (what we boycott) than that for which we stand?

I can see churches all around rise up with a strong compassion for the world to be saved from the penalty of sin. I can see believers become more passionate to tell the truth about Jesus to the lost rather than passionate for their better behavior. Can you see it–believers expressing their stance for Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world? Can you see Christians in your community loving the lost right where they are–loving them enough to sacrifice whatever is needed to introduce them to Jesus?

The power of the gospel has not depleted over time. It is just as powerful today as it was when Paul and the apostles preached it!

One way is a negative way. It leads to arguments and worthless debates. And this way paints a picture of a Savior who hates. But the other way is one that expresses a Savior who loves enough to die for us. This is what the world should hear from us first. Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. Believing in Him, alone, saves us for eternity!

What an amazing love! We’ve got to share this!

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  • Phylis
    07 Feb 2012

    Yes & Amen!!

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