What Grace Kills

We have all had thoughts like this…

“This is gonna be bad.”Thumbnail

“I can’t.”

“Why is this happening to me?”

And we have all met people who tend to paint the room with a dark negativity.

Negativity kills.

The negative Christian robs himself of those supernatural gifts from God: love, joy, peace, patience…

And instead he dwells on bitter thoughts. Many times those bitter thoughts occur as a reaction to something painful.

For example, a Christian who used to live a hellish lifestyle could easily embrace a negative outlook on life. He wants to avoid anything that may cause him to remember or feel the pain of his past. So many things are off limits for him. Unfortunately, many people like this choose to force those limits on others. That legalistic negativity kills.

Others could have been treated unfairly. Many have been brought up in a difficult home. Some are abused at work. Pain arrives, and thoughts are easily swayed to self. In an ironic attempt to protect one’s self from pain, he actually causes more pain by allowing bitterness to build. This bitter negativity kills.

It kills joy.

It kills creativity. Spontaneity.

It kills authenticity.

It goes against Christ’s words of why He came: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”


God’s Grace Kills Negativity.

It destroys bitterness. It takes captive the weak mind and replaces it with power that will not fail.

His grace does not fail.

Replace your bitterness with His grace that will remove you from the muck and place you high on the rock.

His grace enables you to live life to the fullest!

His grace empowers you to free others from negativity.

His grace expects you to allow others to be themselves, instead of trying to change them to be like you.

Embrace His grace.

Life is just more fun that way!

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