What Could a 16-year-old Do?

The alarm blared in Scott’s ear, and he rolled over in his bed to shut it off. It was 6:00 on a Thursday summer morning. His senses came to him. He jumped out of bed and grabbed a quick shower. Minutes later, with a Pop-Tart in hand, Scott was on his way to the church.

His cell rang. It was Karen. She and Tim were already at the church. As Scott pulled into the parking lot, he noticed several other cars had arrived before him.

Soon, 100 high school youth had gathered in the church’s gym. Scott, Karen, and Tim were among dozens of other teams of youth who had given their summer for a mission like no other.

A man stood in front of the crowd of teens and spoke, “Yesterday, 350 children trusted in Jesus! WOOHOO! And we get to do it again today! Keep it going, everyone!” The crowd of teens cheered and praised God with their raised voices.

Karen wiped her eyes. She remembered the little refugee girl from Burma who lived at the old apartment complex they were at yesterday. Karen had shared the gospel with her. And the little girl believed. She smiles as she thinks about doing this again today.

Scott put his arm around his teammate as she blew her nose. Then the team, Scott, Karen, and Tim, were out to door, heading back to the apartments.

Fifty Burma refugee children gathered at 9:00 in the morning. It was already 87 degrees, and the humidity was near suffocating. Scott stood in front of the children and began to sing. Quickly, the children joined in a loud chorus of praise.

Scott is 16-years-old. He has already shared the gospel to over 200 children. That’s about 200 more than most adult Christians in America. By the time Scott is in his 40s, he will be leading the charge in his church to reach thousands of people for Christ.

This is what Child Evangelism Fellowship does. We train high school youth, just like Scott, Karen, and Tim, to reach children for Christ by conducting our 5-Day Clubs. It’s a lot like VBS on the kids’ turf: apartment complexes, daycare centers, neighborhoods, etc. Our passion is to support local churches in evangelism.

This summer, in Houston, TX, our goal is to reach 15,000 children for Christ by partnering with area youth groups to do these 5-Day Clubs. We need your prayers.

Would you commit to praying for CEF Houston as we inspire and train? Pray for the high school youth as they go into the mission field. Pray for boldness, success, safety, and salvation.

What could a 16-year-old do? Turn the heads of the rest of us as he passionately engages the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What could you do?

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