Tumors Shrunk! Most Are Gone! (And Other Cool Stuff)

So many amazing things have happened in the last few months! I’d like to share a few with you…


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Many of you who know have been praying for our daughter, Kristina, who is battling a rare cancer (diagnosed 3 years ago). After hearing the news a couple months ago that the tumors in Kristina’s lungs began to grow, we got her in a clinical trial. After only 1 month on this study drug she had scans last Friday.

The doctor called.

“Tumors shrunk! Most are gone!”

You read that right! I must have asked him to repeat that at least 3 times, and then email it to me! We are still a bit shocked and so very thankful to God for His work in Kristina! Rejoice with us!

This drug has some side effects that we are working with. She had to get off the drug for about a week. Pray that she can get back on. She is feeling well and more than thrilled at this good news!

She told me after the doctor called, “Daddy, my favorite day is coming.”

I said, “What day, Sweetie?”

She replied, “The day Dr. Thompson calls to say that I am cancer free!”

Yup. That day is coming. We believe it.

He Shared Christ Right After the Conference. And It Worked!

I’m having a blast sharing my IE Conference this Fall! I just got word from Kevin, Senior Pastor at Bethel Memorial in Indiana, that one of the guys

West Houston Chinese Church @ Trinity Conference Center, Trinity, Texas

West Houston Chinese Church @ Trinity Conference Center, Trinity, Texas

who attended the training just shared the gospel with someone. And that someone trusted in Christ! The conference includes inspiration and training to share the gospel to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. 

Part of this conference has turned into something I didn’t expect: a section on suffering. God is teaching us so much about dealing with suffering through this journey with Kristina. His Word comforts us as it describes His amazing grace during troubling times. It was my pleasure to share with the people at Bethel Sunday night this new message entitled, Thrive: Not Just Survive.

The training part is from EvanTell’s You Can Tell It! evangelism training seminar. This is quite

Evangelism Training, Talavera, Apurimac, Peru, SA

Evangelism Training, Talavera, Apurimac, Peru, SA

a practical and exciting training that has believers sharing the gospel for the 1st time soon after the training.

This even works in other countries! After all, the gospel is true for all people. So I had the privilege of teaching an evangelism class at the Bible institute and seminary headed up by my good friend Mike Riggs of Believer’s Bridge.

The people in the Andes Mountains are a beautiful, hard-working people. Unfortunately, so many different pagan religions of the world have been brought here. Most are confused, but they are hungry for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ! The harvest is definitely ready here!

IE Conference, Bethel Memorial Church, Princeton, Indiana

IE Conference, Bethel Memorial Church, Princeton, Indiana

I am so grateful for these churches inviting me to serve them in evangelism training. I’m praying for many more for 2014! If you are interested in bringing the IE Conference to your church, just click here for the info.





InspiringEvangelism.com is now IEWorks.org!

I’m thankful for my full-time ministry of serving as Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Houston. God is moving in this ministry, and I get to be a part of something great! Alongside this ministry, I’m thrilled to inspire, train, and mobilize believers to share the gospel and do special events to bring the gospel to people. This fun ministry is called IEWorks: Inspiring Evangelism Worldwide.

I love sharing Christ with others and teaching believers to do the same. That’s what the IE (Inspiring Evangelism) Conference is all about. Plus, I get to use other things I enjoy to bring the gospel to people, including writing, speaking, and special events.

One of these events is coming up December 7th. I’m taking about 20 people skydiving! Yup, we’re gonna jump out of a perfectly good plane. I’ve ie-skydiveinvited some friends I’ve met around town, and a few in my church are coming and have invited their friends, as well. This will be a crazy fun way to get to know people and share the gospel with them.

And yes, we will get the gospel to them BEFORE they jump. 🙂 Wanna jump with us? I’ve got room!

Stay tuned for the IE Spring Event! You never know what it will be, but it will be fun for sure!

Thanks for Your Prayers and Support!

Melissa and I can’t be more grateful for your prayer and support for us. For Kristina, for our ministry with CEF, and for IEWorks! May our Lord bless you and you continue to serve Him in evangelism!


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