Time to Get Out. Now.

© Yongsung Kim/Licensed from Goodsalt.com

© Yongsung Kim/Licensed from Goodsalt.com

The ocean is raging with a fierce wrath.

I thought I was OK, but things began to break up. That idea–that self-made form of security was not promised to hold me up. And I feared I would fail–drown in this violent storm.

I tried to repair it time and time again. And it came to the point where I wondered if I should jump ship or remain in place. My idea was where I felt safest, albeit, it was where I would most likely find my end.

Visions of my past quickly skimmed before my eyes: my family, my friends, my dreams. And I was almost resolved to never see them again until…

Off in the distance, steadfast on top of the mountainous waves, stood a being. The surface of the mighty ocean somehow held Him up as He rode the crest.

I was frightened, until I realized who this man was.

The One who created these massive, terrifying waves was now treading upon them. This is the One who I know loves me; He cherishes my fellowship. Why? I’m not totally sure, but I know He does.

I know He does.

I have been captivated by His every move for quite some time. And I wanted to be like Him in every way. So I asked Him if I could be with Him now–even as frightened as I was, I asked if I could come to Him out amongst the angry waves. And He said, “Come.”

So I escaped.

I left that idea of mine–that thought of security I had built for myself. Made of things of the world–wood, plaster, and rope–this idea was falling apart. So I left.

Shaking violently, I made myself throw my right foot over the edge of my idea. And to my astonishment it was firmly planted on the surf. My left foot followed, and I was balanced–I was actually doing this!

I was walking on the water in the middle of this storm. It was something I had never even dreamed of, but something I will always want to do again.

And again.

Because it was with Him. The Creator.

Suddenly a huge wave collapsed over me. It overwhelmed and terrified me. My legs, already weakened, gave way to my fear and I fell. I began to sink into this darkness.

In that fleeting moment, I asked myself why. Why would I ever want to escape my idea of security? It had worked for a while. I wanted to go back, but I knew if I did, He would still be out here on the water. Doing the impossible.

So choking on the sea water, I screamed loudly, “Save me, Lord!”

And I saw His hand. He pulled me back to the top. Then I heard His logical question, “Why did you doubt?” After all, I was walking on water!

We walked back. Re-entered this idea, but things changed when He calmed my storm.

He calmed my storm, but only after He taught me my lesson…

I have a choice–I always have a choice: I can remain in my self-made form of security (my weak vessel of pleasure-seeking, pride-building, people-pleasing, self-pity, and self-righteousness) or I can escape and find a life more fulfilling than I had ever imagined.

A life where Jesus puts His super on my natural. That’s what He wants to do. That’s why this story is about Him. It’s His grace that saves, His loves that uplifts, and His power that makes me secure.

Secure–even in the most violent of the darkest seas.

This is the life that thrives. Not just survives.

So I never want back in that boat again.

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