ThriveNotJustSurvive: Beyond Pluto

At its farthest point in orbit Pluto lies 4.67 billion miles from the earth. That’s a little ways away.181266

NASA’s space probe, New Horizons, was launched on January 19, 2006, and it is expected to arrive in the Pluto-Charon system on July 14, 2015. So it will take 9 years to get there.

It actually takes 248 Earth years for Pluto to complete an orbit around the sun.

How cool is it that man is able to boldly go where no man has… well, you get the idea. In July of 2015 we will know more about Pluto (the demoted planet). And then we’ll be beyond. What will we see next? How far will we go? What will be out there? (Insert Star Trek theme here.)

I’m convinced that we were created to go far beyond our imagination. But it’s risky.

We weren’t made to be mediocre. To settle for less.

But Sometimes in Life…

In an effort to avoid pain and suffering (which seem needless in our thinking), we tend to keep our feet on Earth when our God wants to lead us to the outermost where the real adventure is. Out in the unknown is where we may feel faint and fear, but it is where we can see Him, with great might, protecting us.


On the journey we may very well be faced with some of our worst fears. Fears that debilitate us–stop us dead in our tracks. But I believe this is the very place where we see God do things for us, through us, and around us that we would never thought possible–GREAT things!

It is where we experience His power within us so that we can stand firm—heels dug in the ground—immovable. It is out in the adventure where we know more His love for us. And we are transformed from the inside out. Something drastically changes within us. A change for the better.

Never would we expect to approach the point of our worst fear, much less go past. But He brings us further out to reveal His greatness.

He brings us beyond Pluto, oftentimes to the uncharted expanses of our worst fears…

…and then we get to see Him crush them.

Simply and relentlessly trust Him.

This is how we thrive.

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