Thrive. Not Just Survive. #4

We easily lie to ourselves.

And it’s human nature to do so. When something bad happens, we begin to think the worst.

“This is really bad. I’ll never get over it.”

“What if he never recovers?”

“What if she dies?”

“My children will suffer forever because of this.”

Sometimes we justify thinking the worst by telling ourselves, “I just have to prepare myself for what could happen.” But the main thought really is, “This will destroy me.” And so we become miserable when we allow our thoughts to center on the negative.

Pain is pain.

Everyone experiences it. Some more than others. I have a friend who recently endured her 9th eye surgery. Nine times she went under the laser to repair her detached retina.

Needless to say, this is difficult for her and her husband. Is it possible to thrive during times like these? Sure.

Thriving in this life as a Christian doesn’t mean there isn’t pain involved. In fact, I’m convinced pain teaches us how to thrive.

When we dwell on God’s truth, love, justice, and grace, pain pulls us out of a stagnant state of trying to survive and prepares us to thrive.

We just have to take the next step.

Take the next step in trusting God that He’s got this situation in the palm of His hand.

Trusting that because He is here, then you’ll be OK. Whatever happens, it will be OK. It’s like when I was a kid, and my dad was by my Hand in handside. I felt secure. The storm could rage on, but I knew I’ll be alright.

Your thoughts during suffering reveal what you really believe about God. He is either God, or He is not.

And since He is God…

…there is nothing so dark that may come your way that His truth cannot disperse.

…nothing so painful that His love cannot heal.

…nothing so twisted that His justice cannot fix.

…no heart so heavy that His grace cannot uplift.

Think on these things. Believe these things. They are truth statements.

And they will set you free.

(Read Philippians 4:8-9.)

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