These People Help Me Thrive!

I LOVE this place! We’re all family here. Very diverse, but family. And I love that we are diverse. by jscreationzs by jscreationzs

We all come from different walks of life. Different people on a journey toward a common goal.

And the cool thing is that we all help each other on our journey. That’s what tight families do. No one gets left alone. No one is allowed to drag behind. Everyone is important, respected, and cherished.

When one of us hurts, the others come to his aide. When one suffers, the others jump at the opportunity to help. That’s love. That’s respect.

That’s honor.

Are we perfect? Ha! No. We mess up, but we know we mess up from time to time. But when one of us fails to do something right, he’s still lifted up. He’s encouraged to change, to improve, to be better. There’s such a positive atmosphere here! I guess that’s why we keep growing.

When a new person is converted, EVERYONE cheers! Everyone praises! We make that person out to be the MVP–


…and we are his/her biggest fans for that day! And is he left alone after that? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is severely frowned upon.

He is discipled. Gently, patiently, and consistently.

Yeah, I love this place. I hate to leave it. I hate to leave my people, my friends, my family. We work hard together. Everyone has something to offer.

We don’t just sit around, read and study the text, and then go home.

Oh, we study it, alright. But then we go and DO IT. But we work together. Never alone.

And there’s so much to learn. Everyone is learning. No one feels like or thinks he or she knows it all. There’s a lot of humility here.

And a lot of teaching. Wow, there are some GREAT teachers here. There’s not a day I spend here that I don’t learn from someone. And those who have been here longer are eager to teach others who are new.

I thrive here. This place helps me thrive.

Come to think of it…

The Church can really learn a lot from a skydiving dropzone…

1 John 4:7-8; James 1:22; Galatians 5:22-23; 6:2

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