The Secret is Out! (Monday’s Ministry Spotlight: Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Houston)


7-year-old Maggie stares at you with her big, blue eyes. She just heard the gospel for the first time. You are the one who shared it with her. Excitement and eagerness illuminate through her eyes.

She acknowledges that she is now believing in Jesus, alone, to save her. How would you feel if this were true? Overjoyed? Wouldn’t excited be an understatement?

How do you share the gospel with a child where he/she can understand it? Is it possible to actually reach hundreds of thousands of children with the gospel within 5 years? Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Houston says, “YES!”

I want to begin blogging on a different ministry each Monday. I’m calling it Monday’s Ministry Spotlight. Clever, eh?

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So about Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Houston (CEF)…I must say I’m a bit biased. I get to be the Director for the Houston branch of CEF. But CEF is NOT only in Houston, TX.

CEF is celebrating its 75th year of reaching children with the gospel of Jesus Christ! We are now in 176 countries and growing. Our forte is bringing the gospel effectively to children all over the world. See our international website here: 

We have two major methods of how we accomplish our mission successfully. One is called Good News Clubs. These are after school Bible clubs on elementary school campuses. They are electives that parents give permission for their children to attend. The 1.5 hours of this club includes a dynamic Bible story, missionary story, snacks, games, fun songs, and the clear gospel is given each time.

The second method of our success is through 5-Day Clubs. This is a VBS-style “backyard Bible club” delivered to children on their turf: apartment complexes, daycare centers, neighborhoods, trailer parks, neighborhood parks, etc. With the content similar to the Good News Club, these are led by high school youth who are trained well to conduct!

This excites me…seeing teens equipped and passionate to bring the lifesaving gospel to children all over Houston! This summer, our goal is to reach 15,000 children with the gospel by training and sending teenage youth all over Houston! Would you commit to pray for us?

And furthermore, CEF exists all over the U.S. So there’s a good chance a CEF chapter is in your community. You could participate in bringing the gospel to children through CEF’s ministry. To find a chapter nearest you, click here.

CEF’s passion is to build relationships with churches who stand on the gospel: Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead. Believing in Jesus, alone, gives us everlasting life. We want to serve these churches by training teams of believers to conduct our Good News Clubs and 5-Day Clubs.

If you live in the Houston, TX area, contact CEF at 713-524-7994, or visit our website at

Children, just like Maggie, are waiting to hear the truth of who Jesus is. Who will bring it?

We get to! Let’s move.


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