The RADIUS Initiative Applied, Part 1: Start a Movement!

(My 1st novella, The RADIUS Initiative, is an action-packed, Jack Bauer-style story purposed to inspire Christians to move out with the gospel. The next few posts are applications drawn from the story. I am praying for you that, as you read, these posts will spark a revolution in your church toward real evangelism!)

What is The RADIUS Initiative?

Perhaps you haven’t seen it in the news, but there is a storm hitting every city in the world right now. There are rescuers available, but it is frightening to report that many rescuers seem unaware that these storms exist and that their destruction is real. Many rescuers would rather remain in the comfort of their living rooms with their televisions tuned in to their favorite reality shows. I was once this kind of rescuer until I looked out my window.

My friends, I invite you to turn your chair and look out the window with me now. Please notice what is outside. To your best ability (If you’re like me you will need help from the Spirit to do this.) try to see through the thick sheets of rain at the children hunkered down in the corner of their attics. See the people being washed away in their cars and trucks. Hear them cry out for someone to save them. They cry and wait for someone, anyone to answer them. Find them. Can you see them?

Now get up and walk into the storm to where these children are. Yes, you will get wet, and will probably get hit by flying debris. But someone must reach them. Now look back from where you just came. Do you see the line from your window to the one at your side crying out for salvation? That is your radius. Now that you know this line you can work it by meeting the needs of the one crying for help. You are in the storm—a rescuer on active duty—saving lives. The proclamation is simple: each local church needs to work its radius. More lines are waiting to be drawn.

What is The RADIUS Initiative?

The radius of a circle is the length of the line from the center to any point on its edge. Many of us have yet to notice, but every local church, every family, and every individual has a circle around them. Some have small circles; others have circles that are quite large.

The circle is filled with schools, businesses, neighborhoods, trailer parks—people. Each church must recognize its radius within that circle: the line extended from the center to where the lost are. For our purpose, it doesn’t matter how long that line is, but every local church should know this line well. Every Christian family should know this line well, and every believing individual should, too. Yet, many do not.

Many churches have several lines from their windows extending out into the storm, and they work them frequently and effectively. Some of their lines extend far into other countries. They see much fruit for the Kingdom from their efforts. But unfortunately, many other churches have no lines at all. Many churches would best be described as a simple dot.

The RADIUS Initiative is purposed to change that mindset to one that seeks to fulfill the purpose of actively spreading the gospel: that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead (1 Cor. 15:1-5) and meeting the many needs of the lost through the love of Christ that the gospel portrays. This book is not written to condemn but to motivate each local church to follow in obedience to our Lord by recognizing what He creates—the radius, and then be active in working that line.  The purpose of The RADIUS Initiative is to add lines to the simple dot.

RADIUS is a philosophy. It’s not a program; it’s a way of life. It’s not a specific activity or single event; it’s a motivation to action—a movement. It asks the question, “What will it take for our local church to move out into the community to spread the gospel?” It is a biblically-based philosophy of evangelism to motivate the body of Christ to become well trained to effectively spread the gospel to the lost.

To elaborate, I’ve made an acronym of the word RADIUS. The RADIUS Initiative seeks to motivate each local church to realize, ask, determine, invest, utilize, and see. It is determined to persuade each church to:

Realize their surroundings. The church is not a building, but a people. So, instead of asking, “What will it take to pack out our building on Sunday morning,” let’s ask, “What will it take to get our people to spread the gospel to the lost around us.”

Ask God to rise up more laborers. He is the Lord of the harvest. We are told in Matthew 9:38 to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. The population of the lost is huge, and their needs are just as big. Ask God to provide more and more laborers!

Determine to obey. We are commanded to take the gospel to the lost. Spreading His Good News to the world is primary in following Christ.

Invest in their radius. Building relationships with people in their area and the world is the best way to provide opportunities to share the gospel. Get involved with people. Know their public. Know their radius well.

Utilize their training. Get training and use it! Here are two great resources: Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc. and EvanTell, Inc. Both organizations provide top-notch training and materials to believers in churches to effectively share the gospel with children and their families.

See God work. God blesses obedience. He wants the lost to trust Jesus. He will bless the efforts of spreading the gospel to them. We obey, and then watch Him work!

I will elaborate on these 6 items in tomorrow’s post. It is my prayer that as you read them, you will be inspired to follow Christ, our Savior, into the storm to spread His gospel to the lost in your circle and beyond. May Jesus Christ be honored as we, His Church, rise up on the earth and spread His gospel to the nations!

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