The Kiss of Death (Transformation Week Day 3)

Transformation Week Day 3.

Ever think about that bad guy, Judas?

What a dufas. The guy betrayed the King!

Here’s Luke 22:

47 And while He was still speaking, behold, a multitude; and he who was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them and drew near to Jesus to kiss Him. 48 But Jesus said to him, “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”

What an idiot.

Then I think of myself…

my thoughts

my motives

my desire to retaliate

my idols, and so on and so on…

Judas traded Jesus for his idol: money, power, maybe more. How many times have I done that? Traded Jesus for my idols.

And then I enter into worship on Sunday morning…with a kiss.

I would much rather be like the disciple John! While Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter denied Him, and the other disciples ran away in fear, John stayed.

He’s the one who stood beside Mary, Jesus’ Mom, with glassy eyes gazing upon the hanging Savior.

He was the one sitting closest to Jesus at the last supper.

He was the one whom Jesus loved.

And he was the one who wrote a book about having awesome fellowship with Jesus (1 John).

Transform me, o Lord, to be like that. To be the kind of disciple who stands for You when danger lurks around the corner.

To be the disciple who stands with You when others run away.

Make me the follower that greets You with an honest kiss.


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