The Incarnation: A Short Story about the Creator becoming the Creation from an Angel’s Point-of-view

The Incarnation: A Short Story about the Creator becoming the Creation from an Angel’s Point-of-view

by J. Chad Barrett — © J. Chad Barrett 2012

Cosmic rays from swirling suns light up the colorful gases which blasts out of exploding nebulae. Reds, blues, and greens dance in sequence to the cosmic raysmusic that radiates from nearby stars. Harmonics of majors and minors fill the universe with amazing sounds only the Creator can imagine. I am still most intrigued at His work. And in the center of it all—the center of His fundamental quantity of the measuring system called time, the center of His vast universe, and the center of His masterful and most mysterious plan—is the lonely planet called Earth.

It is a most mysterious plan to us, angels. For we have not quite understood the full reasoning behind the existence of the creatures of His hands on Earth. They are weak, mortal, and easily manipulated. Insignificant they are, especially when compared to beings such as us. However, having seen His true love permeate through the years since Earth’s conception, we know that humans are the key to the actual defeat of the one by whom we were once supervised—Lucifer.

My service as the Most Holy of Holies’ First-ranking Messenger had brought me to places where I was able to witness marvelous scenes within His great plan. The fine details of creation were not hidden from my eyes. The giant explosions at the floor of the oceans which aided in the Earth’s great flood were part of my involvement. And being held by my former colleagues for twenty-one days when on a dire mission to minister to one called Daniel was quite the adventure.

Yet what I am about to tell you—well, even for me words cannot accurately describe. I find it extremely difficult to paint the picture clear enough and extravagant enough for you to properly define or comprehend the sequence of events. It is not that I am unable to recall, yet I am unable to master the divinity of the context. Prophecy dictates that there will be a brief silence of ourselves and His other heavenly creatures here. Just to state such an event is deafening to the ones who hear of it. One cherub might as well begin to pluck his wings. Nonetheless, the event I am destined to explain to you now trumps such a thought of silence in heaven.

The event of which I speak first became known to me as I was about my service of His Holiest during the fourth millennia. We had known for aeons that there would be a deliverance of the humans. We just did not quite know how it would be carried out. Some had wondered if one or two of us would be called to serve as a sacrifice for the evil that landed on Earth.

However, as quickly as the thought came, we realized the sacrifice would take far more than any angel could offer. Hence, all the hosts of His heavenly beings together would not be near sufficient to satisfy the pure holiness of YHWH. We realize now that many of us thought about what needed to happen, but the thought never made its way into speech then. None of us would dare speak of such wickedness.

I was about my business when I was approached by the Highest Messenger of His Grace. Gabriel served nearest to the power of YHWH. We were sharing heaven’s joys, and he gave me my orders for a mission on earth. Suddenly, Gabriel’s wardrobe began to illuminate. He noticed the elite glow and then looked at me with a smile. He turned toward his right as the Word approached us.

As the Word grew closer to us, Gabriel grew more and more curious. Anytime the Word was intently gazing upon, or thinking about, or seeking to converse with another angel, both the angel and the Word would illuminate. However, as the Word clearly sought Gabriel’s company, only Gabriel illuminated. The Word did not, and this made Gabriel most curious.

Gabriel looked into the blazing eyes of the Word, and as he did his smile slowly disappeared. Without words, Gabriel’s essence expressed, “Oh Holiest One, all of heaven does not see what this occurrence means?”

The expression deepened into the core elements of the Word. The two shared that perfect and harmonious fellowship the way only heaven can experience. I stood there, and my essence listened as the wordless conversation between holy angelic and Holy Divine Word stirred the stars around us. Gabriel was given a mission unlike any other.

As their fellowship intensified, an innumerable host of our beings surrounded us. My wardrobe glowed, as did the host. It was most glorious. I find it overwhelming, if I may, when we shine as we do when YHWH beckons us! Yet as we expressed our eternal praise, it was being revealed to us the answer to the dilemma of the state of the humans. One was to be sacrificed, and it was not anyone of us.

It seemed we knew deep within our being just who the answer would be, but none would dare bring that thought to speech. Only One would be sufficient to be the perfect sacrifice for the sinful state of the humans. Only One could meet the demands of pure holiness—the ever existing essence of the Father. That answer was standing before Gabriel and me.

The stars around the universe seemed to have come to a standstill. The entire host of angels gazed deeply upon the dimmed face of the Word. Gabriel’s curiosity surfaced from deep within and expressed itself toward Him. He looked at Gabriel and spoke audibly, His words penetrating every nuance of his being.

“I AM” is all He said. And that was enough for Gabriel. Then I, still quite astonished at His presence, spoke with slight anxiety in my voice, “I understand the sacrifice that must be made, but I do not understand why You have forsaken Your glory. Please give me understanding.”

The Word smiled brightly towards me. “I made you to be curious of the Father’s plan. You give Me pleasure when you speak of your desire to know. It glorifies Me. My glory I have not forsaken for eternity, but for the fascinating purpose of redeeming My loved ones I have set it aside to become one of them.”

“You will become part of Your creation,” I said with a new realization. “I cannot comprehend You, my Master and Creator, to be lower than I. The humans are insignificant and weak. Lucifer has little trouble gathering them to his side; indeed, much less trouble than he did with the angels he brought down with him.”

I suddenly felt I had spoken too much. For certain, my curiosity has brought into question the plan of the Father, although my intent was only to understand. But the Word graced me from His essence to mine.

With no words He communicated a single thought.

A picture of a face.

‘Twas the face of a certain human. This face bore the expression of joy and peace. But then it changed into fear and uncertainty. Finally, the expression gave way to anguish and sorrow. The Word allowed me to see what He saw—the reality of the love He has for His humans.

Suddenly, as if witnessing this picture of a human face was not enough, the Word transplanted this expression into my essence. Immediately, my illumination was swallowed up by a thick smoke and dark ash. The black smoke whipped and whirled around me. I fell to my knees in extreme humility; the heaviness was too much for me to bear. I saw the face of the human, and it was real. I could not lift myself up. The weight of the humility was the compassion of the Word, and I was unable to continue to remain beneath its load.

Finally, the Word released me of the pressure. My illumination returned, but I remained on my knees before Him. I had understanding. The love the Word has for the humans is phenomenal! Gabriel helped me back to my feet as my strength slowly returned. I could not peel my eyes off the face of the Word. At a moment, His face resembled the face of the human.

I asked, “Is this real?”

“It is.”

“I know why. I understand why it must be done, and why it must be You. But now I would like to know one more thing.” The Word had eyes of blazing fire as I asked my last question. He placed his hand on my shoulder as my essence spoke, “Who is the human? Why was this the face You chose to show me?” He gave me His answer, and then He walked away.

The host shouted with praise as the Spirit of God made His entrance to the earth; Gabriel followed close behind. The Word stood in the center of the Crystal Sea next to the Father’s throne. Suddenly, the cosmic rays of reds, blues, and greens began to dance around Him. They swirled faster and faster, providing a vortex of great light and a trembling sound. The Word stretched His hands through the vortex and grabbed onto the rays. Then, as He bowed His head in honor to the Father, He disappeared. All that remained was His glory.

I am relaying this to you for a good reason.

The question I asked the Word is my reason.

His answer is reading this report, for you were the face He showed me.

Down on the earth cells began to split, and The Father’s plan continued its course of redemption.


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