The Art of Perseverance: Nehemiah 9 (TOTAL RECALL)

If you’re hoping this post is about Arnold Swakdkeicja&^$%#$@#$ (dunno how to spell it) or Colin Farrell, my apologies for disappointing you. There’s nothing futuristic about this. In fact, it’s all about the past.

Your past.

I want you to think about that cloud of thought in this picture. It needs to be filled with something worthwhile. Something that enables you to persevere during difficulty.

But don’t just fill it with anything. Needs to be something excellent. Of good report. Trustworthy. And true.

Here’s an Example

Check out Nehemiah 9. Yup, the whole sh’bang. Then come back to this post for your Total Recall.

After the wall was completed, after the enemy fled, and after they celebrated God’s works and Word, the Jews became somber. They repented of sins.

They cried out to God with loud voices. (Have you ever done that?)

They worshipped with raw emotions and read from God’s Word for long hours.

Then came their Total Recall. They remembered the great and mighty things God had done for them in the past.

They recalled His compassion and mercy.

They recalled His seriousness of their sin.

And they recalled His tender forgiveness and restoration.

It’s like reading a cool story! A history lesson of God’s dealings with His people.

The Total Recall Spark

The result of their remembering what God had done sparked something within them. The last verse of chapter 9 states that they made a binding agreement to follow God. They have no desire to suffer any more consequences for sin.

Your Total Recall

I’ve kept a journal for quite some time. Several years. Sometimes I go back and read over the things God did for me and through me. I read how He changed me.

But not everyone likes to keep a journal. So how about a 1-page recalling of what God has done for you and through you. Go back as far as you like.

Remember those times when He brought you through a storm.

Remember those places where you sensed God’s presence.

Recall those days when you saw Him do mighty things.

Write them down. Remembering the great works of God causes us to seek the great person of God. (Click to tweet that sentence.)

And when we seek Him, more of Him is always found.

So fill that cloud of thought with the mighty works of God in your past. Then allow that to spark a desire to follow Him in obedience into your future.

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