The Art of Perseverance: Nehemiah 6:11-15 (What To Do When Intimidated)

Firefighters rock.

They face the most horrific scenes and fight their way into it.

And they save lives in the process.

It’s their mission. It’s just what they do. They overcome the intimidation of the gigantic blaze and press onward.

And, by the way, they get paid lousy salaries for it! But they do it anyway. God bless them!

When God gives you a mission to complete, any attempt to thwart you from this mission is not from God. (Click to Tweet)

Marriage. Parenting. Providing for your family. Sharing the gospel with your neighbor.

Whatever the mission God has called you to fulfill, there will be attempts to sidetrack you, but those sidetracks are not from God. Sometimes those sidetracks can be pretty scary.

God Told Me

Ever heard someone say that? Seems some are close enough to God that He only tells them things you should or shouldn’t do — without telling you. We’ve been told a couple things regarding our daughter, Kristina, with cancer.

Nehemiah was given a “word of the Lord” regarding his mission to rebuild the walls. Only it was just an attempt to intimidate him from fulfilling this mission. Check it out: Nehemiah 6:10-14.

Nehemiah knew his calling. And he had seen the mighty hand of God upon him thus far. Why would he succumb to intimidation and quit now?

I love his response: “Should a man like me run?” I can almost picture Nehemiah laughing as he said this! Can’t you?

No. Nehemiah will not run away and hide. This cowardly fear is not of God. God doesn’t make cowards. He uses them, but he doesn’t make them that way.

Quitting God is a Sin

That’s precisely how Nehemiah viewed this mission. If it was from God, then stopping it would be a sin.

Think about the consequences if Nehemiah would have run and hid in the temple. How would the others have responded?

Up to this time, they saw their leader overcome his fear time and time again. Without flinching Nehemiah stood his ground against the terrifying blazes of intimidation. His people saw this power of God upon him, and this inspired them to press onward.

But if they saw Nehemiah coward down now, it would’ve have been the end of this mission.

Intimidation Is NOT from God

God-called missions are difficult. Parenting is difficult. Marriages can be tough. Enduring a child with a deathly disease is hard. We all can easily be intimidated by outside forces or by our own false thinking.

Just as this false prophet in Nehemiah’s case was not from God, so is the intimidation we may feel when seeking to obey Him.

And because this intimidation is not from God, we can and must dismiss it and press onward.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” – The Apostle Paul to Timothy

Nehemiah led God’s people to complete the walls in an astonishing 52 days. This was an incredible feat. The work was done despite all the conflict and other forces that sought to pull or lure them away.

It was a God-given mission. And it was a God-style completion.

That’s what perseverance does for you. You see miracles happen.

Press onward, my friends.


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  • Jennie Crable
    20 Aug 2012

    Awesome post. Just what I needed to hear this morning! Thanks for letting God use you!!

    • J. Chad Barrett
      20 Aug 2012

      My pleasure, Jennie! Praying specifically for you right now.

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