The Art of Perseverance: Nehemiah 5:14-19 (FPEO: For Prideful Eyes Only)

I’m a prideful person. Learning humility. Got a long way to go.

One thing I’m learning in this study through Nehemiah is how humble he was–how dependent on God he was.

He kept giving God credit. He kept directing his people to God’s strength, power, and glory.

And even at the times when he was “allowed” to exercise his own power, he gave up that right.

Seriously. Check it out:

Nehemiah 5:14-19

Did you read that? Did you see it?

Out of reverence for God, Nehemiah waived his right to the perks of being governor of the people.

I think this is one of the key reasons why he was able to persevere. He realized one thing that I tend to keep forgetting.

It’s Not About Me.

That’s the big idea in my life. It’s not about what I want, what comforts me the most, what makes me happy, or what keeps me from being hurt.

At first glance, it looks as though Nehemiah was willing to suffer for the sake of rebuilding these walls. He was willing to do whatever it takes. And he could take a lot. (Remember, he was the cupbearer to the king!)

But that wasn’t the case. Nehemiah was willing to suffer, but not for the rebuilding of the wall.

He was willing to do what it took to glorify God. That’s the big idea.

I Got a Cool Word For You.

I’m reading a book about discipleship, but that’s not my point here. It’s the publisher that caught my attention. Silly, I know. But the name of the publisher rocks.

Ready for this?


That’s the name of the publisher. WIGTake. WIG stands for What’s It Gonna Take?

Cool! Am I right? Huh?!

I’m learning to ask WIGTake? What’s it gonna take to glorify God in my situation? In my difficulty?

I want to ask, “What’s it gonna take for me to feel better?” But that’s not the big idea. It’s OK to want to feel better, but not at the expense of God’s glory.

It Takes Humility.

To persevere, it takes humility. A total dependence on God.

God always perseveres. So I think He’s got that down pretty well. If only I can keep trusting in Him, then I will persevere, too.

So what do you need to depend upon God for in order to persevere?

I’ve got my list.

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  • Amy Lin LaMar
    08 Aug 2012

    very good. something God has been working with me on especially this week. What was Sunday’s sermon about at church?? Perseverance…LOL hmmm…i’m sensing a theme in everything I read. I must need to hear it…well, I know I do. Pride is a hard one…I know I’m infected. Thanks Chad and thanks God!! 🙂

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