The Art of Perseverance: Nehemiah 2:4-5 (How To Make Plans To Change)

I recently visited with a good friend from Dallas who is the CEO of a successful evangelism ministry. Something he said struck a chord with me, “I need to be careful that I’m not directing the Lord with what I want to do. I must be directed by Him.” (Click here to tweet that quote.)

Sometimes when trying to persevere through hardship I can quickly jump into the director’s chair and tell God what I want Him to do. Am I the only one?

When I Try To Direct

Yup. When I take the director’s chair I tend to force things to happen. I try to shove open those doors that only God can open. Instead of walking with Him, I walk in front of Him.

I figure out the solution to my conflict and ask God to make it so. “Something needs to happen,” I tell myself. “I need to make some kind of change so I can endure.”

So I make my plans and direct God to fulfill them–only to find that He had something far greater in store. But that’s when I have to backtrack and undo a lot of what I’ve already done.

What Should I Do Instead?

I’m sure Nehemiah felt the temptation to do that, but his prayer in chapter 1 told a different story. He stood on God’s promises and let Him direct. (God’s promise was to bring His people out of exile.)

Instead of telling God what needed to be done, he listened to God and took action according to God’s promises in His Word.

It was only after Nehemiah prayed for days that he made plans.

What About You?

Are you in a situation that requires change? A change of job? A change of location?

A change of attitude? Of perspective?

Are you in a place where you know plans need to be made, but not sure what to do next?

Take courage. God’s promises are abundant and permanent!

What Are God’s Promises To Us?

He is faithful.

He will never leave us.

Nothing can separate us from His love.

He will return.

He will supply every need.

His grace is sufficient for us.

Keep It Goin’!

Leave a comment or two with more of God’s promises to us. And tell how this helps you make wise plans to persevere.


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(3) Comments

  • TC Avey
    03 Jul 2012

    I think I often Push ahead of God and then have to back track. I’m not really good at waiting. Thankfully God is helping me with this.
    Great post!

    • J. Chad Barrett
      03 Jul 2012

      Thanks TC! Waiting is hard. He is faithful!

  • Melissa Shawa Barrett
    08 Jul 2012

    Great post!
    Check out Chad’s blog!

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