The Art of Perseverance: Nehemiah 13 (The Season Finale)

Our 10-year-old daughter is battling a rare cancer called Clear Cell Sarcoma. Many of you know this and have been praying for her! We can’t thank you enough! (You can follow her on Facebook here.) 

It started with one large tumor in her upper right arm. By the time we knew what was going on, the cancer had already spread to her lungs. After two years, those nasty little tumors haven’t grown! To God be the glory!

But they’re still there. She has lung cancer. How we wish someone would come up with a drug that could eliminate those cancerous tumors. Then we could go along with our lives. Cancer-free. Never look back. Just get rid of that which possesses the possibility of harm and destruction.

That’s precisely what Nehemiah did at the end of the book. Check it out: Nehemiah 13.

Eliminating the Cancer!

After going on leave back to the King of Persia for a time, Nehemiah returned to find the people of God going back to their old sinful ways. So he cleaned house!

He got rid of those things that were an abomination to the God of Israel. He replaced men of wickedness with men of righteousness.

And he didn’t expect anything less than God getting the glory from His chosen people. If they were to persevere as a nation, they must rid themselves of evil and embrace obedience to God.

What Do You Need to Get Rid Of?

Like Nehemiah, in order to keep going–to persevere through trials–we must rid ourselves of the things that keep us from obeying our God. It would be to our great advantage to identify those things. They may be concrete or abstract things. Thoughts or actions. Material or spiritual. They may be certain people (No. Don’t get rid of the people. Just don’t hang around them.)

This is the last post in the series in Nehemiah, The Art of Perseverance. I, for one, have learned quite a bit through this book. One thing that has sank into my mind is that obedience to God enables us to persevere. Just trust and obey.

I’m good at persevering through the things that are fun. But the things that are of eternal reward (crown of righteousness, rewards for faithfulness — 1 Cor. 3), are the hardest things to persevere through.

But we can. I pray that these posts will bring glory to our God as you seek to walk with Him even through those dark shadows of life.

Your Comments…

I welcome and cherish your thoughts. What are some things that you got out of Nehemiah? What are some things you need to get rid of in your life in order to persevere? Leave a comment below!


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