The Arrival

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted on my blog. This past summer was quite a whirlwind for our family. In case you haven’t heard, our daughter, Kristina, went home to be with Jesus on June 21st after a 4-year battle with cancer.

Her memorial services was incredible, both in Kingwood, TX and Lake Charles, LA. So was the graveside. A total of around 1400 attended the services. And about 200 or so came to the graveside. We were overwhelmed.

My post today… I wanted to share with you the short story I wrote and had read at the services. Part of it is my imagination. Part is truth. Heaven is, indeed, for real–the Bible says so, but I can only imagine what goes on there. And the truth? I saw what I saw on Kristina’s face. This short story is call The Arrival.

I pray it is an encouragement to you…


It’s never business as usual there. Nothing ever gets monotonous. It couldn’t—there is no time in eternity for things to slow down. The energy is always tip-top. The Son, Himself, always shines—the great throne of God glows and echoes extravagant speeches from incredible creatures.

At a point in our time while our heavenly Father sat on His throne, His gaze was fixed on something special. His countenance was like jasper and a sardius stone, and His throne was surrounded by a giant rainbow. His eyes beamed as He smiled intently—anticipating a marvelous event.

For a brief time only He could understand, He had welcomed with great compassion the cries of thousands for one so little. He captured the prayers of many as they flooded His heart so deeply—a heart set on the little one about to come.

Suddenly, as His eyes were fixed through the horizon of His heaven and into a small room on earth, He announced with a great voice—a shout of joy:

“It’s time!” He said.

And one of His angels shouted, “It’s time! Prepare the way!”

Then divine beings scurried in joyous preparation for her arrival just as a huddle of winged mighty ones departed heaven’s dimension.

As she laid in her bed on earth, weak and frail and family all around, her eyes suddenly opened wide.

I, her earthly father, saw those eyes widen just before she took her last earthly breath. They opened as if she saw something—something that put her in marvelous awe and wonder. Something, I’m convinced, that would set the rest of us in great fear.

Then the angels returned into His eternity. And they had someone in their midst—the one upon whom His gaze was set.

Our Father welcomed her with great joy. And out of the midst of His throne came the One Who was slain and had risen for her—the King of kings and Lord of lords. The One in Whom she had placed her trust.

The King opened His arms, and Kristina ran to Him.

And back on earth, her family standing beside her body witnessed a glorious thing…

…a smile so gentle formed on her porcelain face.

All of this can only be done by a God Who is Love; by a God Who is excited to surprise us with His grace; by a God Who is bigger!

Skydive FundraiserPrecious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His godly ones.” Psalm 116:15

Kristina Rae Barrett — May 30, 2002 – June 21, 2014

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  • Genell Bodoin
    02 Sep 2014


    You so beautifully described death. I am familiar with those eyes wide open right before the last breath, and the smile that comes from a peaceful surrender. I am also familiar with the dying of an unsaved person. A person who is not at peace. A person who does not want to surrender. Blessed is our Hope in Christ Jesus! I pray for your family to heal from Kristina’s departure so soon but at the same time rejoice in the wonderful testimony this journey displayed for so many. Kristina was taught and raised on how to live her life for Christ and she showed us how to die with Grace!

    • J. Chad Barrett
      02 Sep 2014

      Thanks Genell. Thanks for your continued prayers for us! We are walking upon them.

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