That Flag Isn’t the Issue


Some hope the removal of this flag will fix racism. But I don’t believe it will work. The Confederate flag is not an agent of change. We want change, right?

We want peace, yes? No more killing. No more blood in the streets. No more violent rioting and looting innocent businesses. This is a lot of change. This is major stuff!

And the removal of a flag will help? I don’t believe so. And I don’t believe racism is the real problem.

Sure. Some will disagree with me. And that’s OK.

But let’s look at a few observations between Baltimore and Charleston:

1. In both cities black people were shot and killed.

2. But protests broke out, riots hit the streets, and chaos interrupted the lives of thousands of innocent people in Baltimore.

3. However, in Charleston, unity was the result of the suffering and loss. Forgiveness and peace rang in the streets.

4. There is no Confederate flag waving in Baltimore.

If there is a place for protesting, it should be in Charleston. No one was committing a crime. In fact, all 9 victims were gathered with friends and the killer to study God’s Word and pray together.

It saddens me that decision-makers believe removing a flag will promote peace and unity. Ask the people of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church what promoted unity and peace among them.

The Flag Isn’t the Issue

The real issue was already removed long ago. Before the real issue was removed, no one ever heard of mass shootings in schools and churches and malls and movie theaters.

Before the real issue was removed from the American public, the chaos schools experienced included kids not raising their hands to speak.

Or chewing gum in class.

Or being tardy.

The only shootings in churches were the family photos for the church directory.

Good morals and healthy values were taught in the American public, and it worked. The resource America used?

The Bible.

It’s not a symbol. Rather it is an agent of change because it was inspired by God, Himself.

So Charleston…

Many are shocked at the heroic values and morals displayed by amazing people of Charleston. And this is happening despite a Confederate flag waving above the capital.

It’s happening because Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church has, as it’s resource for a thriving life, the Word of God. And these people set a standard for the rest of the town.

Surprised? We shouldn’t be. God’s Word works.

God promotes peace and justice.

Love and forgiveness.

Humility and generosity.

America, by and large, fails to experience these virtues. In the name of tolerance, America doesn’t promote peace and justice but, rather, greed and envy which result in violence and injustice.

Not love and forgiveness, but rather individuals demanding his own rights at the expense of others. This results in vengeance, because not everyone can get his own way.

Humility and generosity? Do we see this in main stream media? Government? Movies? Many churches?

Remove the flag.

Keep the flag.

I don’t care. The flag isn’t the issue.

Jesus Is the Issue

And when churches like Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church express the shocking values of love and forgiveness and peace and unity…

When churches like that turn the heads of everyone else…

With eyes wide open and jaws dropped to the floor…

We’re inspired. We’re influenced. We’re attracted.

Bring Back Jesus.

We can bring back Jesus simply by obeying Him in the small things. The daily things. We can promote peace at the workplace by forgiving that obnoxious co-worker. Or going out of our way to show love to a hurting, lonely co-worker.

We can replace our greed for money and power with humility and generosity toward those who suffer. Even to those who may not deserve it.

And we can bring back Jesus in the major things by standing in unity for what’s right, even if it means losing the opportunity for extra cash in our pockets. Bringing back Jesus means having integrity, being honest, being a man or woman of character, loving one another. These are the things Jesus lived out and taught others.

Bringing back Jesus means sharing who He is–the only Savior of the world who died for our sins and rose from the dead.

These things are called acts of love.

This is precisely what Jesus promotes. It’s what He commands of His followers.

Nothing else will bring our country back to it’s feet. What the people of Charleston are doing–that will rise America up to the great nation we should be and could be. Everything else has been tried all over the world for thousands of years.

Only Jesus works. He works in the lives of black and white people. And red and yellow people. We all matter to Him. But when we began to remove Him from the public during the 50s and 60s, we removed the values and morals that He teaches in the Bible.

So you want to remove a flag? Fine.

But bring back Jesus.


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