Take the Love Challenge and Get Something Cool (Valentine’s Day Love Post #5)

We’ve got a green light to go!

To celebrate Valentine’s, Love has been the theme of my posts this week. But what good is something so extravagant as love if it’s not put into action? So I’ve got a cool challenge for all of us today! And you could get something pretty cool if you participate. Just keep reading…

God’s agape is to be given away! Take the challenge and let us know how it went. Reply back to this post with your story. Here are some suggestions:

1. Since agape is all giving, what can you do special for someone else without expecting anything in return? Forgive a debt? Even a large one? Rake your neighbor’s yard as an act of kindness? Offer to babysit for free for a couple so they can go on a date. Send your pastor and his wife on a nice getaway vacation. Or the youth pastor and his wife! Be creative!

2. Agape is sacrificial. What could you sacrifice for the benefit of someone else’s need? Think more than just money, although that may be a need. What about sacrificing time to serve at a crisis pregnancy center once a month? Or for a homeless shelter? Foster an orphan. Adopt one! Sacrificing pleasure, comfort, money, time, or whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to sacrifice will bring an incredible joy to your heart!

3. God’s agape is directed toward undeserving people, like us! Is there someone with whom you haven’t been getting along? A family member? Co-worker? Neighbor? Take the challenge to break the ice: start by forgiving them, and then give something to them. Cook them a meal. Bring flowers, or those awesome chocolate-covered strawberries by Sherry’s Berries! Go out of your way to express God’s love to them.

These are just a few suggestions. Perhaps you could think of something else, but the whole idea is to move. Remember, agape takes initiative. Take that first step–be aggressive. It’s how God is toward us. He was aggressive in His love when He sent Jesus for us. He’s aggressive in His continual forgiveness and mercy.

So start today! Make something happen, and then come back to this post and reply with your story.

AND…the 1st 5 submissions of stories on this post will receive a free copy of my new novel, The RADIUS Initiative! Cool, eh?

NOTE: Your post must be related to this particular topic. In other words, it must be a true story of how YOU put God’s agape into action.

I promise you, your story will encourage others like you wouldn’t believe!

Ready? Let’s go!

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