Standing on Top of a Telephone Pole

“Mateo, what about you? What are you trusting in to get to heaven?”

Mateo was at our youth retreat for my church last weekend (Jan. 27-28) at Carolina Creek Christian Camp near Huntsville, TX. My son, Jonathan, had made friends with him at school and invited him to come.

I had the privilege of doing Inspiring Evangelism there, which is geared to inspire and train believers to evangelize. Mateo listened well. He heard the gospel as I taught how to share it. Later, we all went on a ropes course.

I watched Mateo climb to the top of a 20-foot telephone pole. They called it the Power Pole. He had a safety rope connected to his chest harness and a very capable belay man on the ground. Mateo reached the top and hugged the pole for dear life. But he knew that if he would fall, his belay man would catch him.

We cheered him on, “You can do this, Mateo! Don’t quit!” The belay man coached him to lift his left foot to the top of the pole and then his right. Then Mateo stood on top of the tall pole, and everyone cheered. But this wasn’t the end of the course. He slowly turned toward the trapeze pole which hung about 8 feet away.

Mateo counted, and we all listened and watched with excitement.

“1, 2, 3, JUMP!”

With his arms stretched as far as he could in front of him, Mateo gave the jump of his life. In mid air, his eyes were huge and mouth wide open. His body seemed to float through the air until his hands caught the trapeze bar. He had made it! It was a great feat, and Mateo had conquered it!

About an hour later, I walked with Mateo toward the main ropes course. We were talking about his jump and his belay man below. Then I asked, “So Mateo, what about you? What are you trusting in to get to heaven?”

He told me that before that day, we was trusting in his good works. He was hoping that God would let him into heaven by being good enough, but he realized that very day that Jesus died for him and rose from the dead. Now he had faith alone in Christ alone.

His faith was much like what he had in his belay man on the Power Pole. He trusted in the belay man to keep him safe.

Mateo came to a youth retreat geared to inspire and train youth to share the gospel. And he soon realized that he didn’t know the gospel. But he does now. He now has a relationship with Jesus Christ that will never end. He is trusting in Jesus alone–his Mighty Belay Man!

Praise God with us for the salvation of Mateo!

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