SPECIAL POST: Want an Opportunity to Serve Someone?

She could be working to earn money. She could be vacationing all summer while school is out. But God has, unexpectedly, placed a great opportunity before her. She’s decided to share the Good News of Jesus with a people group who, mostly, have already rejected Christ as Messiah.

Introducing Claudia Szynkarski, aka, Pug. (As her close friends and family call her!)

I’ve known Claudia for several years. Her whole family is devoted to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost–especially the Jewish people. Her dad grew up Jewish, so this people group is very special to the Szynkarski family.

And Claudia has made plans to do what it takes to share the gospel with Jewish people in New York this summer! She’ll be working with the popular and successful Jews for Jesus organization.

The mission statement for Jews for Jesus makes their purpose very clear: We exist to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our
Jewish people worldwide. 

What Will Claudia Do?

Chicago! Her trip begins June 17th with a two-week training program in the “Windy City.” She’ll stay at the Moody Bible Institute for the training, and then she’s off to New York!

Street Evangelism!

That’s right. Four solid weeks of street evangelism in New York. With nearly 2 million Jewish people living in New York City, Claudia and her team will be sharing the gospel with, no doubt, hundreds of people during her 4-week stay.

Can you imagine Jewish people hearing the gospel? That Christ is the Messiah? Can you imagine Jewish people trusting in Christ in New York this summer?

Claudia can. Her dad did.

What Will It Take?

Claudia is ready to go. She is inspired, prayed up, and moved by the Holy Spirit to do whatever it takes to bring the life-saving gospel to the Jewish people in New York.

And she needs our help.

I humbly invite you to join me in supporting this short-term mission trip Claudia will be taking beginning June 17.

Here are Claudia’s needs:

Prayer Support. Would you join me in committing to praying daily for Claudia this summer? You can be added to her email list to get periodic reports and prayer needs. Just send her a short email saying, “Please add me to your Prayer Support List!” Here’s her email address: cszynkarski@neo.tamu.edu

Claudia has asked for prayers for:

  1. “that we would effectively communicate the Gospel,
  2. for our safety.”

Financial Support. Like most mission trips, Claudia’s trip has a cost. She needs $2,500 for her 6-week (total) mission trip. Would you join me in supporting Claudia by donating a one-time gift? Your donation is tax-deductible.

I am asking 49 of you to join me in donating only $50 to Claudia’s mission trip! (Of course, any amount will help and be very much appreciated!)

Please make your checks out to “Jews for Jesus” with “Claudia Szynkarski” written in the memo line and mail to:

Claudia Szynkarski
Kingwood Bible Church
3610 West Lake Houston Pkwy
Kingwood, TX 77345

I know you don’t know Claudia personally.

But I pray that, since you’ve been following my blog for a while, you recognize my passion for evangelism. I see that passion in Claudia, too. So it is my pleasure to place this need before you.

Would you pray right now as to how our Lord might lead you to support Claudia?

Her trip begins soon–June 17!

Please feel free to respond with any questions and comments you have!

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