Something Woke Me Up at 3:15AM. Or Someone.

I have trouble explaining what it was like, but it was kind of like a weird wind blown in my face or maybe a blanket. And I woke out of a deep sleep into a wide-awake state. I sat straight up in my bed thinking, “What in the world was that?”

I remember a professor of mine in college once tell us that when he woke up during the night, perhaps it was God wanting him to pray for someone. So he would ask who he should pray for.

I was a junior in college–1995. My friend and brother in the Lord, Danny, had contracted the HIV virus through a blood transfusion about 9 years prior. He had a bad accident involving a forklift at work.

He and his wife had a tremendous ministry speaking all over the country about what God is teaching them through their suffering. And they were able to share the gospel of Jesus to thousands!

Now it was near the end of his life on this earth.

We all had been praying for Danny for a long time, and we knew his condition was getting worse.

Then we received the word. Danny was with Jesus.

His funeral was a celebration of his life with Christ on this earth! Filled with joy and tears.

Then it happened. This brought goosebumps all over me.

His wife stood up to speak. I wasn’t too surprised that she would speak at her husband’s funeral. God had already done wonderful things through her life. Her courage and strength from the Lord was evident.

But what she said was incredible.

She told us about the night Danny died. She woke up a little passed 3am and saw that he was struggling.

As I listened to Danny’s wife talk about his final moments, I remembered what my professor had said. The she told us that she prayed that God would wake up people to pray for Danny.

I couldn’t wait to tell her that her prayer was answered with a resounding YES!

But after the funeral, I had to wait in line. Right behind 20 other people telling her the same thing I was about to.

God woke up many people to pray for Danny. And his passing was calm and peaceful. And He took great care of his wife.

Prayer works. It just does.

It’s not wishful thinking. That’s what my dog does underneath the dinner table when we eat.

It’s not a chore. Taking out the trash–that’s a chore.

It’s the lifeblood of our being as children of God. Without prayer, we are powerless. Lifeless. Useless. Danny and his wife had a powerful prayer life. They inspired so many Christians.

How should we pray? Expectantly. Gratefully. Consistently.

God is moved at our prayers. Our prayer draws us closer to Him and brings us in tune with Him.

And He wants us to pray.

Question: How has praying to our God changed you?


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