She Prayed to See His Power, and Then…

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Most of our prayers tend to be something along the lines of, “God make my life smooth today.”

And why not? We don’t want any potholes, bumps, or wrecks, right? So we pray for our days to be with ease.

Full of nice, gentle, breezes and boxes of chocolates and pretty flowers and… you get the idea.

My prayers are often like that. And while I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to ask for a good day, I wonder if we’re missing out on something far better than just having that smooth, potholeless, 24-hour period of time.

When She Prayed to See God’s Power

I was a bit apprehensive about writing this blog post because of what it may sound like. But I’ll take a stab at it anyway. You’ll see what I mean…

Many of you know our daughter, Kristina, passed away June 21, 2014, after a 4-year battle with childhood cancer. What you may not know is that before she was diagnosed with it, she once prayed, “God, show me Your power.”

“Show me Your power,” she asked Him. She and I talked about this several times. Here’s the rub– I do not believe that God is a merciless being who gave Kristina cancer. I do not believe He cursed her with it just to show off. That’s not the God of the Bible.

I don’t know a lot about God. (Even after being a Christian for 35 years and holding a degree in theology–He’s just so vast!) I do know that the 4 years of the journey we had with Kristina were tough.

I do know that seeing my daughter undergo surgeries and chemos were not fun.

I do know that watching Kristina die is… well, I battle images in my head of seeing her lying there. But I can tell you this: After all we’ve gone through in this journey, and we’re still on it, we have definitely seen some of the most amazing things. Incredible events. Events that glorify God.

These events can only be attributed to one thing: the power of God.

One day I’ll write more about these events, but I remember sitting with Kristina talking about this subject. I remember her saying to me, “Daddy, remember when I asked God to show me His power, and then I got cancer?”

“Yes, I remember,” I replied.

“Well, we’re seeing a lot of His power, aren’t we?!”

“Yes, we are!”

Yes. We are.

So About My Prayers

I’m not suggesting that if we pray to see God’s power, or His work in our lives, or His work in someone else’s life, that He would respond with a horrible trial. God is God. Life is life. This world is what it is–sin-wrecked. Bad things just happen.

I am suggesting that we miss out on seeing God at work if all we want in life is ease. I’m suggesting that if we trusted God with our lives (Believe me. He is good!), and look to Him for works only He can do, we can see things we wouldn’t have imagined. And we can be part of His plan for the ages.

Sometimes that plan may involve pain. It did for Jesus.

It did for Kristina.

Pain makes one powerful, because it makes one humble. (See Psalm 40:2; James 4:10)

I wonder what would happen if God’s people began to ask Him to show His power in their lives–His grace to flow through us, His love to pour out of us, His mercy for us to shower onto others–and to do this at any cost. I wonder how different this country would be.

“God, I trust myself with You. Show Your power in me, at any cost, so that Your glory may be revealed to others around me…

…even if that means my day today isn’t so smooth.”

Because life really isn’t about having smooth days. It’s about glorifying our heavenly Father. I think this should be our prayer.

And then I think we should hang on for the ride.

It’s quite an adventure!


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