My Name is __________, and I Approve this Message.

There are usually 2 reasons why many Christians don’t share the gospel with others.

1. Fear.

2. They don’t know how.

Is this you? It was true for me for many years.

I was fearful because I figured I wouldn’t know how to…

  • answer their questions,
  • appear comfortable in the conversation,
  • make it clear enough for them to understand,
  • face rejection,
  • face failure.

And I didn’t quite know how to share the gospel clearly so that a lost person could understand it. I mean, I knew the gospel. But there were times when I tried to tell someone how to be saved, only to end up sharing half of the history of Israel!

I desperately wanted to learn how. I had a passion for evangelism, but needed someone to teach me. And guess what I found out?

When I learned how to share my faith clearly, my fear was overcome with confidence!

Does this sound appealing to you? To learn how to share the gospel clearly and effectively–overcoming your fear?

The right training is in order, and there are two resources that are tried and proven.


Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Stand with 1,000s of others who have been trained to present the gospel clearly and effectively! Add your name to the list of those who are overcoming their fear of sharing Christ!

My name is Chad Barrett, and I approve this message.

Who’s next?


Coming soon. A short ebook journaling the adventure of having a child with cancer.


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