More Than Meets the Eye (Transformation Week Day 4)

Seen those Transformers movies? Pretty cool, eh? I love the sounds they make when they change. Very cool!

Thinking about Christ this week transforms me. The key word here is thinking.

Feelings Follows Thoughts

Did you know that? Our feelings follow our thoughts. That’s why we become what we think about the most.

Worry leads to deeper fears.

Bitterness leads to anxiety and depression.

But thoughts on Jesus–His character, His devotion, His love, His sacrifice for us–lead to a continual transformation away from these negative things and into His ways of grace, peace, joy, etc.

These thoughts come only from His Word.

Here’s Romans 12:2–

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

What is Renewing Your Mind?

It means to replace thoughts.

It’s definitely not eliminating a thought. Have you seen the movie Inception? Here’s a line from it: “Don’t think about elephants.”

We both know what you’re thinking about now. So don’t try to eliminate negative thoughts. Replace them.

It’s what God is teaching my wife and me as we journey down this road of having a daughter with cancer.

We can choose what to think: negative or positive. And it’s too difficult for us to eliminate the negative thoughts, so we replace them.

Instead of “Kristina has cancer, and it could kill her.” We replace it with “Kristina has cancer, and she is in the palm of God’s mighty, loving hand. He is good, and He’s got this.”

That’s renewing our minds with truth. And truth comes from God’s Word.

As you enter into Good Friday and Easter Sunday, replace your thoughts of the stresses of the week, the job, family issues, worries, anxieties, and fears with the truth of Jesus and His character, devotion to you, love, and sacrifice.

Remember that He is alive! And He loves you!

This Christian life is not about who we are. It’s about who Christ is, and how that transforms us.

Question: How has renewing your mind affected your life?

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