Low Cost. High Impact. Awesome Camp! (Monday’s Ministry Spotlight)

What kid wouldn’t like to spend a week at a camp that is filled with action-packed adventure?

What parent wouldn’t like to send his kid to that kind of camp at a very low price?

And what camp is dedicated to teaching God’s Word clearly and effectively? That would be Camp Pearl!

Today’s Monday’s Ministry Spotlight is about a camp dedicated to introducing kids and their families to Christ. Camp Pearl’s purpose is “serving and supporting Bible-believing church families in Louisiana and Southeast Texas and the spiritual needs of their communities.” I’ve been to many great camps, but I’d like to briefly share with you a few reasons why I like The Pearl (as many of us like to call it).

1. They like to have fun! From learning to shoot bows and arrows to canoeing down the Whiskey Chitto River (Don’t worry–no alcohol is involved!), Camp Pearl boasts a host of action-packed fun for every camper. There are plenty of “entire-camp” games, as well as teams and individual competitions in a variety of different sports and other activities. Then there are the skit nights, capture-the-flag, counselor-hunt, and on and on. Since the camp weeks range from 3rd grade to 12th, all the activities are appropriate to the age of the campers.

2. They have well-trained staff. Affectionately known as Summer Servers, the staff are well-trained to engage in the kids’ lives–ministering to their individual needs. These guys thrive on great interaction with the campers throughout the week. This is important to me as my kids attend this camp. I want to know that their Summer Server is paying good attention to them. From safety issues to sharing the gospel, the Summer Servers know their stuff and apply it well.

3. Camp Pearl is offered year-around. After the 6 weeks of summer camp, The Pearl also has junior and senior high retreats, boys and girls retreats, retreats for men and women, events for pastors, conferences for families, boys’ adventure week, and more. Many churches, schools, and other organizations have rented Camp Pearl for their events, and they continue to come back every year.

4. They are dedicated to enriching people’s lives with the Word of God! Camp Pearl even has a week set aside for teens called Deeper Impact. This unique week of camp combines high-level teaching on various doctrines of the Bible with application to the individual, daily lives of the campers.

5. They have leadership training for teens. Every year Camp Pearl trains a limited number of teen boys and girls called SWAT: Servants Worthy and True. Through Scripture memorization, hands-on servant-related activities, book studies, and more, the SWAT serves throughout the year’s events at The Pearl. Most of the current Summer Servers started out as SWAT just a few years ago.

6. Low cost. High impact. With all that Camp Pearl offers, one would think it would be several hundred dollars per week. However, your child (3rd grade through 12th grade) can experience a week of The Pearl for only $150!

I must admit, though. I am biased to this camp. My own parents work there. That’s right! My dad is the Executive Director of Camp Pearl Ministries. In fact, they even met at Camp Pearl when they were in high school. So this place is really home for me. Now, my own kids attend every year.

And if you live anywhere near Southwest Louisiana, your kids could attend too. Below are some clickable items about Camp Pearl. Feel free to give them (my dad) a call to find out more! (337.666.2443)


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