Living Above the Common with Mike and Chad, Episode 1

Do you wanna live above the common, ordinary way of life?


You can listen to this podcast at the bottom of this post!

Living Above the Common with Mike and Chad (LAtC) is here! It’s our pilot episode, and we think you’ll find the topic quite interesting and applicable to everyone, young and old.

What this Episode is About

This 1st episode is about fellowship. What is real fellowship? Is the fellowship the Bible speaks of as shallow and surface-like as it tends to be in our churches?

So what does the Bible actually say fellowship should be?

1 John is all about real, authentic, intimate fellowship.

I know, I know. That word intimate scares a lot of guys. Trust me. It’s not what you think.

You’ll hear Mike and I discuss:

  • the need for this incredible thing called authentic fellowship
  • the instruction from God’s Word to have it
  • how to get it
  • the glorious results of experiencing it!

AND… we wanna hear back from you! 

Please, please reply to this post with your thoughts, comments, etc. We’re learning about how to live above the common, too!

We’re also learning how to make better and better podcasts. So stay tuned!

And thanks for being so awesome. You guys rock!


Get my book on authentic fellowship for guys! Click the pic below to read more about Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men, and how you can get your copy!


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