Learn How to Share the Gospel Today! FREE Online Training

Many Christians have fear when it comes to sharing the gospel with someone. I sure have.

Have you ever stumbled over your words when trying to explain how a person can be saved? Yup. Me, too. But I don’t anymore. Let me explain.


What if I told you that you could learn how to overcome fear and learn how to share the gospel clearly and effectively…starting TODAY?

Would you be interested?

Allow me to introduce to you a free interactive website that will equip you in just 1 hour to share the simple gospel effectively. I’ve used this site, and the cool thing is that there is absolutely no cost to you.


ACT is a worldwide evangelism movement that begins with you. The vision behind it to start is to get the believers in the world to trainpray, and share individually and corporately as the Holy Spirit leads.

ACT111 is a movement.

It’s not just a website. The purpose is to equip believers all over the world to share the clear, simple gospel to the lost. And it’s working! So far almost 13,000 Christians in countries all over the world have taken this free online training.

I used to be afraid to share the gospel. Sure, sometimes I still get nervous, but that fear doesn’t overcome me anymore. The reason is simple: ACT111 taught me a clear and simple method of sharing the gospel to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read these awesome testimonies!

How does it work?

There are 4 sessions that takes about 15 minutes each to complete. And you can download a workbook to go with it.

Each session can be completed at different times, so you don’t have to complete all 4 at once.

Who started this?

The good people at EvanTell, Inc. created this interactive website just for you. They raised their own funds to build and maintain the site so the training would be free to anyone, anywhere.

So if you’ve been wanting to share the gospel with that person at work, or your neighbor, or your family member, check out www.ACT111.org ASAP.

Also, visit ACT on Facebook and post your stories of sharing your faith! These stories really inspire others Christians to speak out their faith, too. So if you get a lot out of the training, please don’t keep this to yourself–INVITE YOUR CHURCH to check out ACT111.org!


Interested in Live Evangelism Training at your church? Click here.

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