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Here are just a few things people are saying about our ebook, When She Sings, God Dances:WhenSheSingsGodDancesCover

When Kristina says, “I try not to think about the things I can’t do and think about the things I can,” how can you not be encouraged? – John B. (Louisiana)

Although I shed several tears, reading this book was such a blessing and encouragement. – Stephanie W. (Germany)

Chad’s book will remind you that no matter how big your struggle, God is indeed bigger. – Simon S. – (Texas)

Reading this is sure to inspire you regardless of your situation. – Joseph L. (Michigan)

Writing this Ebook for You was a Very Special Event

It wasn’t easy. We shed a lot of tears as we recalled the emotions over the past 2 years. And we fight the thoughts and emotions about the future. But one thing we wanted to do: show God’s glory through it all.

That’s what this ebook is about. God, His impressive grace, His love–all shown through His Word and His people. People just like you.

And it is our prayer that, as you read this short ebook about our journey thus far, you will be inspired to give your total trust in our great God during whatever you are struggling to endure.

He’s worthy of our trust. Because no matter what your struggle…

Our God is bigger.

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