Journey to Freedom

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Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men

Journey to FreedomThis topic is perfect for men’s retreats, conferences, seminars, and camps.

Let’s bring up the obvious and deal with it together! We men all run the same race and stumble along the same bumps and potholes; however, we isolate ourselves from one another, pretending everything is OK.

Christian men are falling. Many men in our local churches are currently on the fast track toward destruction. Many are trapped in self-made cages, hiding themselves in darkness, hoping no one sees where they really are, and at the same time earnestly desiring for someone to set them free.

But we don’t talk about these things. The Church must take drastic measures, but what can we do, and what should we do? Journey to Freedom offers an answer: authentic fellowship. It’s missing among so many Christian men in so many of our churches today. What is authentic fellowship? What does it look like? And where in Scripture can we see it in action?

Find out how you can experience biblical, authentic fellowship in your life.

We brought Chad in to do a weekend conference for our church, and it was one of the most encouraging events our church has had in a long time. I strongly encourage you to attend one of Chad’s conferences. You will not leave unchanged. – Andrew Bywaters, Pastor, West Houston Chinese Church, Houston, TX

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