IE FALL EVENT: Skydive With Chad!


Are you the adventurer? Got some crazy activities on your bucket list? I’ll bet skydiving is one of them.

I’m taking a big group skydiving in Houston on Saturday, December 7 at Skydive Spaceland! And I want you to come!

With our big group (at least 20 first time at Spaceland), we get a great discount of $150. So far, I have 14 signed up, and I’m ready to take a bunch more!

We will jump tandem, which means we’ll have a professional strapped to our back.

Imagine jumping at 14,000 feet, free-falling for 1 whole minute at 120 mph! And then the shoot is pulled and you gracefully glide to the ground!


Yup, that’ll be us on Dec. 7!

So click the banner at the top to read all the info and to register.

Please register by Tuesday, Dec. 3rd.

Invite some friends to go with you!

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