I Triple Dog Dare You…to Take on Starbux!

OK, so we may not be much competition for the big corporate coffee houses, but here’s an idea that could open your church’s facilities to your community. And all you coffee-lovers out there will jump at the chance to take on this idea! 

All you need is a few volunteers, a small budget, and an open foyer/or place that’s easily accessible.

Here’s How It Works…

  • You need a good place in your church’s facility. I don’t recommend a Sunday school classroom–more like a foyer or an open space that is easy to find and doesn’t feel closed in.
  • Recruit friendly volunteer baristas. You know…that fancy word for the person who pours the coffee. This person needs to be a people-person. They love to smile, strike up a conversation, and are just all around friendly. Oh, and they need to know how to brew coffee, too. That helps. These people could be retirees, stay-at-home moms (works well if there’s a Mother’s Day Out somewhere nearby), homeschool high school kid, or the senior pastor. (Just kidding, definitely not the senior pastor.)
  • Offer several kinds of teas and coffees. And some awesome home-baked goodies, too! Hit Sam’s or Wal-mart for some coffee and creamers in bulk. Definitely make sure it tastes good so your peeps will keep coming back for more. You could also have some ladies bake brownies, cookies, etc.
  • Connect with the customers! This is a great way for your coffee connoisseurs to hear about your church and the gospel. It could be as easy as having your church’s info on the coffee sleeve of the cup. And you could have some outgoing people in your church there to chat with the visitors. Go here to learn how to share the gospel easily and clearly!
  • Round tables work best. Instead of those 8′ tables, use those cafe’-style tables. And have newspapers, daily devotionals, fliers, tracts, etc. available for the folks to check out while they sip their java.
  • Now just advertise! Post signs everywhere. Take some baked goods to local businesses with fliers advertising your new coffee shop. Other places like dentists, grocery stores, hair salons, and community centers work, too. If you dare, take some to Starbuck’s! LOL

Your coffee shop doesn’t have to be open everyday all day. Maybe just a couple days each week during the morning hours.

And you could choose a clever name. I thought about offering some ideas on that, but I’d rather let my friend Tim Hawkins deliver. So I’ll leave you with a video of Tim. Enjoy! (And let me know how it goes!)

Click here to watch Tim Hawkins suggest names of your church’s coffee shop. 

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