I Triple Dog Dare You…to Change Someone’s Oil for Free!

“I’m really not that good at meeting new people.”

“I’m definitely no teacher or public speaker!”

“I don’t know too much about the Bible. Still got a lot to learn.”

Any of you feel this way? Many Christians who fit these statements shy away from reaching out to their community. But…

Can You Change Someone’s Oil?

This is what one small group did at our church recently. This group of young adults is made up of various personalities and skills. Here’s what they did, and I’ll just bet some of you are going to try it…AND SUCCEED!

They advertised it as

  • Free babysitting while you wait in air conditioned facility!
  • Enjoy refreshments while you wait!

They passed out post cards all around our community. On the Saturday of the event, the guys set up a large canopy for the cars to park underneath.

The church purchased all the oil, filters, and the necessary accessories. The guys used their own tools.

While they changed the oil, the ladies waited inside. The wives of the men had set up tables of refreshments: bagels, donuts, fruit, muffins, juice, milk, coffee, etc. This was set up right beside the nursery area so their children can play. The church’s nursery workers were there to serve.

So the wives visited with the ladies inside while the men changed the oil. The gospel was shared, and some ladies came to our church!

Can You Do This?

I triple dog dare you! It’s a great way to utilize your church’s facility as a service to your community. 

AND, you can share the gospel at the same time! Have gospel tracts available with your church’s contact info on them. You can get some great tracts here. And you can learn to share the gospel clearly and effectively here.

Here’s how:

  1. Inspire your group (small group, Sunday school class, etc.) to go through the free online evangelism training at ACT111.org.
  2. Determine the date (Saturdays work the best.) and notify your church.
  3. Obtain a large canopy where cars can be parked underneath.
  4. Ask your church (or your group can pitch in) to supply the materials: oil, filters, etc.
  5. Make post cards and have your group hand them out to businesses, through friends, neighbors, etc. in your community. Make the info clear and simple: The event, the date, the place, and that it’s free for single moms and ladies.
  6. The women of the group can bake or purchase the refreshments.
  7. Have nursery workers ready to serve.
  8. As the men change the oil, the ladies should be ready to talk it up with “customers.”
Make this fun! Make it your own project! And let the whole church know what you’re doing. It can really inspire others to reach out in creative ways.
Let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear about it!



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  • Angela Barrett
    19 Sep 2012

    what a cool idea. Hope it makes a difference in someone’s heart!

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