I Triple Dog Dare You! (New Series on How to Share Your Faith)

I sat down near him at a table at our church’s carnival a few weeks ago. He seemed alone and wondering. So I struck up a conversation with him. I asked questions that I figured he could answer easily: questions about his job, family, and background. 

He seemed to enjoy the conversation, so I kept going, turning the conversation to spiritual things. Minutes later, his biggest need became evident–he was unsure of his salvation!

Opportunity Knocks…EVERYWHERE!

I’ve done this at the gym, Starbuck’s, on the airplane, while buying a car, and many other places. Some trust Christ as Savior during the conversation. Some don’t. But my purpose in telling you this is that there are opportunities everywhere to share your faith in Christ!

Over the next few weeks, I’m gonna post various ideas of how your church, small group, Sunday school class, family, or whatever, can reach out to your community with the gospel. These are creative ways to build connections with lost people: your neighbors, favorite restaurant employees, co-workers, grocery store workers, etc.

I’ll call this series of posts I Triple Dog Dare You!

But what I’d REALLY love to get is feedback from some of you putting these things into action! Then we can celebrate God’s work through His people in sharing the gospel to the lost.

So Get Ready…

I’m looking forward to these series of posts, because I will be learning quite a bit, too. Some of these ideas came from other people, things I’ve read, and things I’ve tried (and failed and tried again!).

So get ready to be inspired. Get ready to put your faith to work! And get ready to post your experiences so all who read will be encouraged to share their faith, too!

Oh! And the guy at the carnival? I shared some great verses on assurance of salvation. Just what he needed! He and his wife plan on attending our church! Please pray for Jeff and his wife.


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