I Am 2nd 2 1 (Transformation Week Day 5)

Have you seen those signs on the highway?

Or perhaps the YouTube videos?

They are of certain individuals seated in a white, cushioned chair (not all at once).

And the title is I Am Second.

It’s an incredible movement all across the world.

Athletes. Politicians. Artists. Businessmen and women.

Hundreds of thousands are joining this movement of making themselves second to Christ Who is first in their lives.

It’s really what Good Friday is all about.


Why Is It Good?

Some say today should be called Bad Friday. Or Painful Friday. Or Bloody Friday.

But it’s Good Friday. And it’s good because we can have freedom from the penalty of sin by believing in Jesus.

It’s good because His sacrifice was done out of love.

And it’s good because when He is 1st in my life I am filled with His peace, love, joy, and mercy.


I Am Second to One

For those who have placed their trust in Jesus alone to save them, placing Him in any other place than 1st in our lives would be like saying, “Jesus, thanks for saving me, but I’ll take things from here. Your job in my life is done.”

By faith I was saved from the penalty of sin–He first loved me.

By faith I am still being saved from the power of sin–as I walk second to Him.

By faith I will be saved from the presence of sin–and I will be with Him.

Until that day comes, I will strive to be 2nd 2 1–Jesus.

How about you?


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