How We Become Who We Hang Out With the Most

I’m the son of a preacher man. And darn proud of it!

My dad and mom used to have us kiddos memorize verses since we were able to speak. One of the first has, most likely, saved me from years of heartache.

One of the first verses I remember my dad teaching me to memorize was Proverbs 13:20. I like how the Message Bible puts it:

Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.

To be honest, I’ve experienced the effects of living both sides of this coin. Perhaps you have, too.

But this Proverb etched in my heart encouraged me to choose my friends wisely. I love having friends–love hanging out with my friends.

And I love having friends with different outlooks on life. Hearing from them challenges me and sharpens my thinking.

I also love having friends who are not Christians.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with those who have not yet placed their faith in Christ. It is vital for Christians to have unsaved friends.

How else would we have the opportunities to share our faith, except to get to know those who need to hear it?

But the friends with whom I walk are different. I call those my inner circle.

I spend more time with these than anyone else. They encourage me in my relationship with Jesus. They help me stay the course, keep the faith, fight the good fight, run the race (or whatever else the Apostle Paul called it).

Having friends of different walks of life and different world views is important.

But the ones with whom you walk, your inner circle, must be those who continually inspire you to keep walking with Christ!

Even some Christians can hinder your walk with Christ. People who are negative, complainers, dream-killers, and energy-drainers can really pull me down. So I choose not to make someone like that part of my inner circle.

Sounds exclusive? You bet.

Being who Christ wants me to be is far too important to me to be around those who may distract me to think otherwise.

I’d much rather walk with those who are wise.

What do you think? Leave your comments below!


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