How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church, part 9

This is #9 of a series of posts entitled How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church. Hope you are helped by it.

I recently read about a 29-year-old Sgt in the National Guard who served in Afghanistan. He died while saving the life of a little Afghan girl. The essence of his love was far from mediocre. It was ultimate sacrificial.

Fellowship is much more than casual friendships we have in our churches. Real fellowship is fighting together in the trenches. It’s the purposeful action of voluntarily entering the fox hole with someone else. His may not be your battle, but you realize he is your brother. And so you enter into his struggle in order to lead him out to safety.

And his battle could be struggles with addictions, marriage problems, difficulties with his children, sadness and depression, anger issues, etc. The list could go on.

His battle may be different from yours, but you know that brothers and sisters stick together.

What Would It Take?

…to help your brother be an overcomer? Time? Money? Sweat? Tears? Blood? (Have I gone too far?)

“One another.” That phrase is mentioned at least 55 times in the New Testament.

55 times.

I think we could safely say that living an “one another” life is an emphatically instructed command from our Lord.

What Does It Look Like?

Mixing hobbies with ministry for the purpose of fellowship.

Seeking out those on the fringe in your church, and inviting them to Sunday dinner.

Risking your reputation as you stick to the side of one falsely accused.

Family mission trip.

Risking your reputation as you stick to the side of one accurately accused.

Financially supporting poverty-stricken families around your community and beyond.

Financially supporting a child through Compassion International, and making a family trip to visit him/her.

I’ll Give You a FREE Gift!

These are just a few I could think of for this post. Perhaps you can think of more!

In fact, I will give a gift to the 1st five commenters* to this post who reply with 3 or more ways we can show sacrificial love to one another.

That’s right, I’ll send you my book, Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men. This is mainly a book for guys, but many wives have gained much insight from reading it. Would make a great Father’s Day gift!

*Due to the nature of the book, you must either be a dude (18 years old or older) or married to one. No single ladies, please. Sry. 🙂

So go ahead, slap me some feedback! I look forward to learning from you.



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