How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church, part 8

This post is part 8 of a series through 1 John on How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church.

She fell in love. And married him. And they had two beautiful children. Her husband is the loving, hard-working, family-man. And she’s the kind of wife and mother who gives and gives and gives. She gives her time, puts aside her hobbies, devotes her attention to make sure her family is well cared for and loved.

And she never complains of the handicap she has from the polio virus that crippled her when she was a kid.

Her love is all-giving.

Fellowship–real fellowship–is all-giving. It gives of yourself for the needed benefit of someone else.

Fellowship is much more than casual friendships we have in our churches. Real fellowship is entering the life of a brother or sister and giving to them.

…the love of God was manifested toward us…

God gave us love.

His Son.

Jesus enters our lives and gives.

You Crave It.

And here’s the thing about this authentic fellowship. Everyone craves it.

Every believer genuinely desires–greatly desires–to experience the joy of one or more people in their church to enter his or her life and give of themselves.

Are you experiencing this in your church?

What Does It Look Like?

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago my battle with anxiety and depression. Last week was tough for me. Then I got a call from Mike. He took me away from the house–to Bill’s Cafe’. A great place for burgers!

Mike and I are already close friends. So when he asked questions to find out what’s happening on the inside, I knew I could trust him. He listened and wanted to know more. And he listened more. He sympathized and understood.

Mike saw the heavy burden I was carrying, and he voluntarily stooped underneath the load and carried it with me. It made the burden lighter. It’s the action of Jesus.

But then I got a call from my brother (my blood brother), Michael. He got underneath my burden with me, too. My burden got lighter.

Then I got a call from Robin who did the same. And I felt comfortable to share my struggles with my small group. It surprised me when 2 others spoke up to share their struggles with the same thing.

That’s when I knew I wasn’t alone.

These guys have entered my life and are giving of themselves to me. They each have different personalities, gifts, and messages. But whatever they have, they give it. And they give without expecting anything in return.

The thing about these burden-holders, these givers of joy, is that each one of them has a burden he is carrying, as well.

This Is Love. This Is Fellowship.

This is the Church.

It’s one reason why I crave the Church.

It inspires me to be all-giving to someone. …if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

Are you?

Slap me some feedback: Share a time when someone entered your life this way, or when you entered someone’s life.



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