How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church, part 11

He left her. Left his 2 small kids, too. Hooked up with someone else. He left their house unfinished–their garage jam-packed with their stuff in moving boxes. He left with their back yard full of junk. He left her a run-down vehicle that needed lots of work. And he left her when she has severe back problems and an up-coming knee replacement. Then something unearthly happened…

A church in her community found out about her. A church who seeks out people to love. And this people loved her. They’ve spent hours upon hours at her house: finishing the unfinished, unpacking and cleaning out her garage, cleaning up the backyard, and fixing up her vehicle.

More than that, they loved her and her children.

She’s now part of a group of ladies who’ve been friends for a while. They quickly included her in their group–hitting Starbuck’s, hanging out together, etc.

She has friends. Real friends.

Real fellowship.

And it’s because someone took initiative in loving her. This is the 4th key ingredient of God’s agape that we have seen in 1 John 4.

Here’s verse 10:

In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

Do you see that? Like it? God didn’t wait for me to love Him before He willingly sent His Son to pay for my sins. He loved me first.

And we ought to love one another this way. Imagine a people–a church–who sees their purpose as seeking out those on the fringe and loving them.

It’s an Aggressive Approach

Purposefully seeking out someone and loving them in action right where they are. It’s aggressive. It takes initiative.

It’s following God in obedience.

And it’s quite unlike many churches today who are ingrown–who see themselves as the only ones in their community.

Churches who own the motto: “Church is for believers only.” And thus, they only pay attention to themselves.

Crazy Motto-makers.

I wonder…what motto would you make for your church?

Reply in the comment section below with a better motto for the Church.

THE FIRST 3 COMMENTERS will get my book free! Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men.

Note: Due to the content, you must be a guy or married to one. I just don’t feel good about sending it to kids or single ladies.

But you can still leave a comment!

Whatever you do–take initiative. Love someone first.


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(8) Comments

  • Rusty
    05 Jun 2012

    From the words of the “Carny Barker” (carnival man); “Come one, Come all”!

    • J. Chad Barrett
      05 Jun 2012

      Good one, Rusty! Love it! Shoot me an email with your address, and I’ll send you my book.

  • ChristianNick
    05 Jun 2012

    Chad, one of our church’s primary principles, the first on our “official” list, is to love the people. This is a great reminder of why we do it–because he did it first without our asking. Thanks!

    • J. Chad Barrett
      05 Jun 2012

      Love God. Love people. Can’t get more simpler and profound than that, Nick. Can you give some examples of how your church has shown this? I love being inspired by things like this.

  • Colin Rowley
    05 Jun 2012

    Chad – if there ever was a time in our body that we needed this kind of reform and refresh, it would be in this area.

    Our Men’s ministry has been in disarray for years and we finally have a core group of 30 guys building it from scratch. I would not only love a copy of your book, but also would love to investigate the idea of you coming out to talk to us men at Bethel.

    • J. Chad Barrett
      05 Jun 2012

      Hey bro, Thanks for your comment. I agree, fellowship needs to be an emphasis in our churches. I’d love to send you my book. Send me your address to And I’d be honored to come share with your men about Journey to Freedom. Go to my “Speaking” page to fill out the form. God bless, brother!

  • Brad Garrett
    05 Jun 2012

    I love your site! Not only is it about evangelism, it is really inspiring! I’m thinking that was the point 😉

    • J. Chad Barrett
      05 Jun 2012

      Haha! Thanks Brad. I’m trying!

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