How to Chase Your Dream

I’ve been thinking a lot about vision casting for my team at Child Evangelism Fellowship in Houston, TX. As I’ve been reading other material on this, I came across a statement made by Michael Hyatt (you can follow his great blog here): If your vision doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.

That statement scared me. So I stopped trying to figure out what I want for CEF Houston and began to pray about what God wants.

This is a great process for me. Having read one of Hyatt’s blog posts about vision casting, I decided to follow his advice and prayerfully create a vision statement for our Houston chapter.

I wrote it as if it was already happening. And my dream for CEF Houston is big. It does make me nervous. In a way, I don’t feel in control–but that’s right where He wants me. I must rely on Him. This is His ministry, and I believe He wants children and their families to trust in His Son for salvation!

So, below is my vision statement. It’s my daily prayer requests for us. Would you join me in praying through this?

And why don’t you take a shot at creating a vision statement for your job, personal life, family, church, etc.

Vision Statement

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Houston is the city’s leading method of reaching children and their families for Christ and plugging them into Bible-teaching churches.

  1. We have 20 ongoing Good News Clubs in each of the 24 Houston-area ISDs. That’s 480 clubs.
  2. The Good News Club ministry reaches 24,000 children for Christ each year. This number is growing.
  3. We are widely known as the city’s most effective youth mission-training organization that reaches children with the gospel every summer.
  4. We train 2,000 Christian teens to do 5-Day Clubs in greater Houston every summer.
  5. The 5-Day Club Summer Missions Program reaches 50,000 children for Christ each year. Apartment complexes, daycare centers, and youth pastors are knocking on our front door.
  6. The total number of children being reached by our partnered churches is 74,000 each year. This number is growing.
  7. CEF Houston has a team of 30 Senior Ministry Coordinators, 10 trainers, 1 Event Coordinator, 1 Fundraising Coordinator, and 2 Executive Assistants.
  8. People beg to become part of our team.
  9. CEF Houston is listed as the #1 States-side evangelistic ministry among Christian magazines and journals.
  10. We have an annual budget exceeding $5 million.

Question: What is your vision?


“I couldn’t put it down!” – Glenda, California

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