How to Change Your Church from Stagnant to a Breath of Fresh Air

When I was a kid, our family enjoyed spending the day at a retreat center outside of our town. There were lots of trails to hike, fields to play football, bbq pits to grill hamburgers, and a swimming hole. A stale, stagnant, dirty swimming hole. None of us dared to know what was it–we just jumped in and had fun. But it did smell kinda funny!

No church desires to be stagnant, but let’s be honest. Many are just as stale as that swimming hole. What these churches need is a breath of fresh air–something to re-ignite a spark of enthusiasm for the Kingdom! Evangelism is that very thing!

Let me tell you a few reasons why…

1. Evangelism brings new and excited people into your church. Most churches that I know of love having new people visit and join. Many times, these new people are from other churches. But when a new Christian commits to join a church, there is an atmosphere is excitement in the room! The new Christian freshens the place with his foundational questions, zeal for knowing Christ, and a joy that is contagious.

2. Evangelism brings the fruit of righteous labor. Imagine your church engaging in evangelism in your community. Can you see it? One of your church members leads a person to Jesus, and that person joins your church. Imagine 5 of your members doing this–just 5. Now imagine those 5 winning souls each month! Now imagine 10 members doing this each month! Getting excited yet? The Lord is adding to your church new believers every month. You are watching your church grow by the fruit of its labor–righteous labor! Don’t tell me this can’t happen. It does happen. And it can happen to your church!

3. Evangelism is obedience to Christ. Do you believe Jesus wants your church to grow by conversion? Do you think our Father, who sent His only Son to die for our sins, wants people to trust in His Son? Of course. Do you believe He will bless our obedience to Him by sharing His gospel to the lost? Yup.

And when this begins to happen, your church comes alive. There’s a new scent in the air. The stench of stagnant waters dissipates, and a the aroma of enthusiasm ignites a passion to further populate the Kingdom of God!

So what are you waiting for? Wanna learn how to do this? Click here and allow me the honor and pleasure of teaching your church how to begin breathing in fresh air!

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