How to be Fearless in Evangelism

I wanna tell you a true story about two guys who were sold out to Jesus. How they dealt with fear will inspire you as you journey on the road of evangelism. You could definitely call these guys Jesus freaks.

John and his friend were Christians. But far from nominal, these two men were sold out–willing to give their lives for the sake of sharing the gospel with others. The country in which they lived had a government which was dead set against Christianity, and the two men were given strict orders to cease their spreading of it.

But John and his friend, Peter, refused to listen. In fact, they told the authorities who had arrested them that they would never stop tell the truth about Jesus. Sounds pretty bold. Don’t you think?

Would you be able to say that to the government who just arrested you for spreading Christianity? A government who could kill you? These guys did. Do you think they were fearless?

I don’t. I think they felt fear. I know they did.

Read Acts 4. Peter and John were arrested for preaching Christ. When they were released (because the Sanhedrin could not keep them locked up due to their laws), the two Jesus freaks went back to their friends. They knew their next step: to keep preaching Christ. Death could, very well, be in their near future. But about 5,000 people had already come to know Jesus because of the boldness of Peter and John!

How do I know they felt fear? Look at verse 29. They asked for boldness. Why would someone ask for boldness unless they felt fear?

The truth is, there’s no such thing as fearlessness. Even Jesus felt it. Bravery is not the absence fear, but the commitment to push forward despite the fear. A man shows courage by exercising boldness–boldness overcoming fear.

Peter and John asked for boldness to overcome their fear, because they knew it was possible for fear to overcome them. If that happened, the gospel would not spread. But here we are today…2,000 years later. Christianity continues to rock the world because of the boldness of men like Peter and John.

So how can a person be fearless in evangelism? He can’t. (If you figure out how, let me know?) The power comes from our great God when we ask for boldness to overcome our fear.

How about it? Have you wanted to share the gospel with someone but were too afraid? I know the feeling. Get some Christian friends to pray with you for boldness. Then move.

Do you have a story when boldness overcame your fear in evangelism? Reply with it! We’d love to read it!

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