FRIDAY EXTRA: Read a Short Section of The RADIUS Initiative!

I like giving away freebees, so below is a short section of my new novel, The RADIUS Initiative! I hope you like it; I had a lot of fun writing this novel. I really hope people, when they finish reading this novel, will be inspired to do whatever it takes to bring the lifesaving gospel to children. Should you decide to get the book, click the pic below.

So, without further ado, please enjoy:


The sky was black as night. A massive chunk of building broke away and was lifted into the air. The large wooden and metal debris flew across the street and slammed into another building, crashing through a boarded up window of the business. Massive winds whipped mighty oaks on the boulevard, snapping many like toothpicks. It was hard to see due to the sheets of rain from the storm, and a violent wall of muddy water devoured up houses as it plowed into the city.

The gulf had shifted. Cars and trucks were rushing with the current; most of them had toppled upside down. Rooftops were being ripped off homes, revealing families hiding in the corners of their attics—parents shielding their children from the flying debris. Electric sparks popped as telephone poles snapped, pulling wires from their transformers.

The earth was angry, and the people who had survived its terror thus far were filled with a horrible fear. The meteorologists in New Orleans had painted a bleak picture for the future of the city, and now it seems their prediction was coming to pass.

Supplied with four milk jugs of water, a flashlight, and an axe, Rob Emanuel and his family were hunkered in the attic of their small home. The storm surge had unexpectedly pushed inland, and the Emanuels were one of many who had escaped from the rising water in their home. The children had never seen their father this scared, and Rob wanted nothing more than for his family’s lives to be spared.

Max and Stella McClain sat on the edge of the seats in their living room watching on their television the storm’s destruction of New Orleans. Their wide eyes and grim faces accurately portrayed the helpless feeling in their hearts for the people enduring the storm’s wrath.

Max dialed a number on his cell. Busy signal. He tried again. Same thing. He tried one more time and, finally, got a ring. It rang a dozen times, but no one answered at the United Adoption Agency office in New Orleans. He looked at his wife and shook his head.

Rob swung his axe again and again and again, pounding the roof of his house from inside out. The water level from the surge was creeping higher and higher, and they could hear the sounds of the water rushing in below them and knocking their furniture around the small house. His children were crying, and his wife was trying to calm them. There wasn’t much room for his backswing, but his axe finally bore a hole.

Just then, as if someone had turned on several spray nozzles, water began shooting up from the floor of the attic. Rob started swinging faster and faster, chipping away piece by piece the interior of his roof. The water level was rising fast in the attic, and the muscles in Rob’s arms were burning. They were on their knees, and the water soon began to reach their chests. His children were screaming, and his wife was yelling his name!

Finally Rob made the hole just big enough for a person to squeeze through. He yelled for his wife to crawl through first, and then he helped his two kids through. Several minutes later, they were sitting on the roof of their home wondering what would happen next.

The sounds of the wind and rushing water from the gulf hurt their ears. It was nearly unbearable. Suddenly, Rob picked out the whipping of a helicopter approaching from the north. The Coast Guard had spotted them and was preparing to rescue the weary family.

Rob stood in the wind as best as he could, waving his hands to make sure the helicopter pilot saw them. The pilot hovered the chopper above the house, and the crew lowered a basket down to the roof. Rob helped his children inside first. He and his wife watched nervously as the basket was lifted upwards to the helicopter.

Suddenly, a blast of wind blew a chunk of debris straight toward the basket, knocking the basket sideways, and dumping their small son into the murky water. Rob and Christa screamed as they saw him fall.

Without hesitation Rob jumped into the water after his only son. The Coast Guard pulled up the little girl, and then they lowered the basket back down toward the spot where Rob jumped.

Christa was hysterical as she scanned the water for her husband and son. Suddenly, she saw Rob emerge and grab onto the basket with one hand.


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