Freedom Weekend! A Bunch of Guys Fighting for Freedom Together


It’s the truth. Christian men struggle with the same issues.

Marriage stuff. Single stuff. Work stuff. Sex stuff. Money stuff. We all fight the same battles. Some of us are overtaken while others have overcome.

And how do we usually fight these battles? ALONE.

Yup, we men all wrestle with the same kinds of struggles, and we usually keep to ourselves about them. Why don’t we bring up the obvious and talk about it?

Ever heard of these quotes: bear with one another, love one another, confess to one another, carry one another’s burdens? It’s all there in the Bible. So is the spectacular word fellowship.

But do we really understand that word? Are you experiencing a life of “one another” like the Bible says we should?

To Be Honest, I’m Really Alone

A couple years ago I did a simple survey of several Christian men. The questions I asked centered on this “one another” topic. I asked questions like, “Do you have a group of guys with whom you are close friends that you can be completely open and honest with about your life?” About 95% said No. And every one of them said that they wish they did.

Many said, “To be honest, I’m really alone.”

I also asked several wives of these men if they wish their husbands had that kind of fellowship. How many said Yes? 100%. They said that it would make them feel more secure in their marriage.

Let’s Journey to Freedom…Together!

I wrote a book about all this because I wanted to see what the Bible said about fellowship. And what I found astounded me! Most of our fellowship times are definitely unlike what biblical fellowship is meant to be–AUTHENTIC. The book is called Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men. 

I’ve received many comments about it from people just like you.

“This is what I’ve needed,” they said.

“You’ve brought up something that’s been missing in our church for decades–real fellowship,” they said.

Nate Larkin, a friend of mine who is founder of The Sampson Society and author of Sampson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood, wrote this about Journey to Freedom:

Chad Barrett talks straight. An unapologetic veteran of every man’s battle, Chad has written a life-guide every Christian guy should read. “Journey to Freedom” is like a tank of pure oxygen delivered to men who’ve been buried alive.

Journey to Freedom with a Bunch of Your Friends

And so I’ve taken Journey to Freedom on the road. I’ve had the honor to share this with many men, and I’m offering to bring this to you.

In 2013, I’m praying for at least 6 opportunities around the country to spend a weekend with a group of men to help them begin their journey to freedom together.

It’s not really a conference or seminar, and it’s definitely not a lecture–I’m not that formal. It’s more of a conversation. A bunch of guys learning to fight for freedom together.

Freedom in their marriages, in their work places, in their thought lives, on the internet. Freedom to enjoy the abundant life Christ wants us to have!

*Could your church be one of those 6 opportunities?

Make it Happen

Simply click here to send me a message, and I’ll get with you to start the ball rolling. And take a better look at the book here.

I look forward to hanging out with a group of men who are thinking, “I need something more. I really need help.” Whether it’s with 7, 70, or 700, this weekend is biblically sound, open but not awkward, and life-changing. That’s what God’s Word does!

So let’s make it happen!


*This weekend is flexible to be a retreat, camping out, at someone’s house, at the church facilities, or whatever you’d like. Contact me and we’ll work it out.



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