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Subscribers OnlyIn 2012, my wife, Melissa, and I wrote a short book of things we’re experiencing and learning on this journey of suffering and peace. That book is called When She Sings, God Dances. Well, it’s been revised.

Our book will be available on Amazon for the public on the one-year mark of Kristina’s home-going: June 21.

But, for my subscribers only, you have the opportunity to get yours immediately.

This edition has something unique at the end, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

This is a special book to us. It contains parts of our story, the heartache, the people involved, and the peace, as well as inspiration from God’s Word to persevere. To endure well.

Check out this excerpt:

Battling cancer can be lost for the ones who follow the Lord God of Israel. But we are battling more than just cancer. We are prone to leaving our faith—turning our backs on our God. Our battle is against our own flesh leading us to a severe lack of trust in God.

The temptation to withdraw from life during painful events can be strong for anyone. We wrote this book for 2 reasons:

1. As a study for us, personally, to stay the course.

2. As a hope for others to do the same.

With the foreword written by VeggieTales’ own Mike Nawrocki (AKA, Larry the Cucumber/LarryBoy), I think you’ll be inspired by God’s work on this journey.

Oh, and the addition at the end? It’s called The Arrival. I wrote it the day Kristina died, and it was read at her memorial service. I think you’ll like that, too.

So the book will be available on Amazon on June 21st, the one-year anniversary of Kristina’s passing. But you can get it now from Amazon’s special publishing platform.

Just click the picture below:

When She Sings Cover 6.15

And if you are encouraged by it, please share it with someone.

My friends, your prayers keep us going. This book is part you as much as it is us.

God bless!

Chad & Melissa

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