Ebook: How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church

How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your ChurchSomeone once said, “If a church only endorses surface relationships, it will remain a stagnant social club.”

OK, that someone was me. But I think it’s true. Relationships are vital to the health of any local church.

Jesus modeled the importance of depth of relationships with His disciples. He proved that in order to make disciples who make disciples, healthy relationships are top priority.

Yet many churches only contain people who barely know each other. And the ultimate result are individuals walking through life within their own lanes. Individuals loaded down with burdens and no one to help carry it with them.

This deep, authentic relationship modeled by Jesus is what 1 John calls fellowship. I’ve been to many fellowship meetings at church, but most of them were nothing like the kind of fellowship John wrote about. John’s fellowship was learned directly from Jesus.

And Jesus’ fellowship is supernatural.

Wanna learn how to have this incredible fellowship in your church? Find out with my short, little, easy-to-read ebook which highlights some incredible things in the book of 1 John.

You’ll see what incredible church fellowship should include:

  • how fellowship with one another equals fellowship with God
  • how God’s fellowship is fueled by God’s love
  • and 3 ways biblical fellowship is blocked.

Click the access button to download your copy for only $2.50. (All proceeds go toward the feeding of my children at home. ;))




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